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2L - Flexible Logic


Love to openly philosophize of underlying theories and pieces of knowledge. Will go to great lengths to explain or discover the inner workings of an idea. Tend to be fascinated by rules and formal logic. Are drawn to philosophical thoughts and exercises with multiple participants. Highly trust their own abilities to investigate reasons behind any action. Appreciate opinions regardless of how aggressive they are. Are great at evolving discussion by playing devil’s advocate. Willing to share sources to help others understand how things operate on a fundamental level.

Tutor Role

Are open to helping solve confusion with others regarding logic. Patience with those who are unsure or skeptical of how things work. Have an inherent fearlessness when diving into the details of any theory. Believe that anyone can learn anything if they are willing to invest time into it. Walk people through their proofs and arguments while explaining all possibilities. Are accepting of those that ask for help with logic. Extremely patient with people who are insecure about their own intellect.

Blind Spot

May bother others too much about their opinions which can cause a tense atmosphere. Will argue for the sake of arguing without becoming offended. May spend too much time on very simple ideas in order to expand their mind. Have a tendency to overlook what is most efficient solution to a logical puzzle. Can be easily persuaded by others without fully exploring what they believe themselves.

Theoretical Breakdown

The 2L attitude is formed by placing the logic aspect (L) in the flexible position (2nd). Flexible Logic (2L) has a strong interest in its own concept of logic and details. All 2L types believe they are sufficient in matters of logic. They are mostly diplomatic about their opinions on science, reasoning, facts, data, calculations, information, and their own intellectual pursuits. These types tend to focus intently on processing, improving, and negotiating all things related to the human mind. They use this ability to keep others at ease regarding logic.

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