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1V – Confident Volition

Strong Willed

Prefer to quickly understand what needs done in any situation. Highly trust and value their own sense of character and dignity. May funnel all of their energy into building their own goals, and expressing their willpower which can leak out onto assuming others will follow along. Believe they can always trust their desires and handle the responsibilities that come along with that. Tend to trust their own ability to create and start projects over others. Often feel that they are a one-person show and accept that they know how to make decisions better than others.

Leadership Role

Not all 1Vs are leaders, but there is always a natural leadership quality to them even if they do not desire that. Take on the task of inserting their ideas regardless if asked. Will overestimate their own abilities and may discount others and their motivations. Do not like to be reminded of their own responsibilities. Tend to feel in control of their own personal direction. Will make decisions without second thought unless the situation requires it. Focus on how and when to show self-control or restraint in any situation.

Blind Spot

Can forget that they have a deep vulnerability within volition that drives their confident attitude. May do things for other people without realizing it is what they wanted themselves. Often override the wishes of others in place of their own. May talk extensively about how to accomplish desires but have no intention on walking people through the process. Does not require others to intervene or help them unless it has been decided by the 1V themselves.

Theoretical Breakdown

The 1V attitude is formed by placing the volition aspect (V) in the confident position (1st). Confident volition (1V) has a strong interest in its own concept of willpower and volition. All 1V types believe they are sufficient in matters of volition. They may be aggressive about their opinions on responsibilities, decisions, obligations, goals, willpower, personal direction and how to overcome obstacles. These types tend to focus intently on the personal results that can be obtained from willpower which they use to solidify their opinions on these matters.

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