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2V - Flexible Volition


Enjoy being motivational, and inspirational to others. Tend to always update and invite feedback on how to improve and motivated one’s self. Believe they can engage with the crowd and understand what it is that makes people tick as a whole. Believe they know how to calm down the anxiety of a room when the pressure to perform is on. Are always willing to listen to the life struggles of others, regardless if they agree or disagree with the methods that the other person employs to solve them. Naturally believe they can balance out obligations of life.

Diplomat Role

Believe they can negotiate responsibilities and are often accepting of excuses so long as they are explained and make sense. Can listen to all sides of a power struggle and learn how to keep people working together effectively. Often want to discuss how to get things done and what has worked for them in the past. Believe they can be endlessly diplomatic with those who are in power – always willing to give and take when needed.

Blind Spot

Can endlessly accept others’ laziness – even if it hurts the goal. Often hide disappointment and sour feelings towards others to remain processional through willpower. Can sometimes be lazy and unbothered by the lack of momentary energy, but will turn it on as needed. May prefer talking about how to improve rather than putting in the actual work. Can waste time processing out decisions, goals, and possibilities rather than acting on what will work in the most efficient way.

Theoretical Breakdown

The 2V attitude is formed by placing the volition aspect (V) in the flexible position (2nd). Flexible volition (2V) has a strong interest in its own concept of willpower and volition. All 2V types believe they are sufficient in matters of volition. They are mostly diplomatic about their opinions on responsibilities, decisions, obligations, goals, willpower, personal direction and how to overcome obstacles. These types tend to focus intently on processing, improving, and negotiating all things related to the human drive. They use this ability to keep others at ease regarding volition.

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