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EFVL - The Adorner

EFVLs are the most visually creative Attitudinal Psyche type. They shape the environment to suit their original inspirations.

When they express their emotions, they prefer that people trust them and discuss all the joys of reality with them. This type knows where their belongings are even if the area is a mess. They constantly incorporate new beauty, food, and health routines that they learned from others and easily share these with others who may be interested.

EFVLs are inspired by people who walk them through handling their responsibilities in the most logical way possible.

This type does not care whether they are correct, as long as they have enough information to decide how they feel about any topic. They often use their sensitivities to create art that can inspire others into enjoying their own environments and materialized expression.

1E – Confident Emotion

EFVLs express how they feel about any subject at hand. They prefer that others just accept how they feel rather than endlessly questioning them on either appropriateness, or validity of their feelings.

This type does not like explaining the logic behind a particular feeling and would rather be accepted for their uncensored emotions. EFVLs decorate their living spaces to an aesthetic that pleases everyone.

They may have weird or eccentric tastes and they are fine with all feedback regarding this as it offers a chance to talk about interesting things. This type wants people to have a good time wherever they go.

EFVLs do not hesitate to express their value judgments, as they are confident in whatever they are feeling at any given moment. They passionately defend their identity as they know this is a vulnerable part of their personality.

Criticisms about their willpower bring EFVLs to anger or self-doubt which can fester for days. This type believes it is their right to act upon their emotions, even if the reasons are not thought out.

EFVLs do not change their minds when people question their emotional states.

2F – Flexible Physics

EFVLs notice the appearances of themselves and others. This type freely changes their clothing, makeup, and hair styles to suit their emotional states. They prefer their appearance to be inoffensive to the tastes of others.

They can spend hours discussing all of the possible ways one might curate their environment for happier living. EFVLs advise people on how to take care of their physical spaces and may criticize them for being lazy.

They do not always keep their areas tidy, but they will ensure the space does not bother other people. They are open to all criticism and ideas regarding their environment, which can lead the EFVL to taking on a caretaker role.

EFVLs spend much time preparing the tools necessary to best address their responsibilities. They want to follow simple organization to store their many possessions.

3V – Insecure Volition

EFVLs are unsure of their ability to overcome obstacles. They usually rely on their strong emotions to drive them through goals. However, when not feeling as energetic as they wish, this type can use music, substances, and food to put them in the mood for work.

This type wants recognition for their efforts, even if they do not complete a goal. They can send themselves into anxious spirals when having to imagine what is required to meet their goals.

They greatly appreciate those who can lay out all options to them while also respecting their ever changing emotions.

EFVLs may neglect a personal aim until someone can ensure them it is logical. They want others to give them quick fixes and ideas that can settle their constant fear of losing their identity.

The concern of appearing lazy can drive EFVLs to periods of intense work where they completely lose sense of direction other than putting their brain on auto-pilot. They tell people when a task is likely not worth their time and they expect others to be understanding of this.

4L – Unbothered Logic

EFVLs are uninterested in the logical underpinnings of their emotions unless it provides a direct answer to bettering their lives. They only want more information about a subject if it will drastically impact their understanding of the matter.

This type engages in personal care routines that may not be well-informed, however, they are open to hearing the opinions of others regarding these realms.

Being correct does not make EFVLs happy, as this does not matter to them. They may mistake their philosophical questions for emotional upheavals and any and all conclusions to help them better understand things will be accepted.

EFVLs trust others to spend enough time to tell them the correct answer about any matter of logic. They do not want to be expected to come up with theories on their own, as they trust outside sources rather than themselves.

This type appreciates intellectuals who explain something concisely. When their understanding is enhanced, they are more motivated to accomplish goals that they put off in the past.

EFVLs want reality to be easily understood so they can continue creating new and inspiring art and environments.

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