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EVFL - The Enthusiast

EVFLs are the most optimistic towards human potential of all Attitudinal Psyche types. This type explores their motivations when a particular emotion moves them, regardless of limitations or expectations.

They easily coach others on forming independent goals and can remain motivational through all hardships. When EVFLs feel strongly about someone, they will express their full emotions to them.

This type accepts their appearance with difficulty as they are constantly worried about how they appear to others. EVFLs worry that their aversion to physical care will cause unhappiness or hinder their goals. They are attracted to clearly organized regimens to care for their hunger, appearance, and health.

Agreeing with the most logical conclusion they hear, EVFLs trust others to make sense of the world. This type does not allow strong beliefs to define their emotions, and will gladly concede logical points to those who are considered experts.

1E – Confident Emotion

EVFLs are clear about their personal opinions of people.

They wish to be taken seriously when expressing their emotions and are not bothered by people who are sensitive to these expressions. They are experts at guiding the decisions of people to be in line with their emotional desires. They understand all things motivation and diplomacy.

Feeling justified in expressing any emotion, EVFLs state their emotions even if they are not conventionally logical. This type is mindful of how their appearance ultimately makes them feel, which can be a sore spot for the EVFL.

EVFLs simply state their personal opinions when their sincerity is challenged, as they believe this is the most integral part of their personality. They enjoy people who trust them to be honest with their emotions.

This type identifies the emotions of others and will advise them on how to act upon them. EVFLs express their inner world of values through playing with their appearances and identities. Each piece of clothing and new style has the ability to modify their emotions in whichever way they desire.

2V – Flexible Volition

EVFLs undertake great responsibility as it suits their passions and direction in life. They support people in their personal aims by discussing each path of action, always remaining open to whatever the other person desires.

This type tolerates laziness in themselves and other people, even if it hurts the goal, as the EVFL realizes life is an ever changing roller-coaster of ideas. EVFLs change their goals based on their personal values.

Physically caring for themselves can be a major point of stress and they rely on their willpower to handle any tasks that rattle their nerves. EVFLs think people can act how they want, but they will criticize their appearances if they find them inappropriate or bizarre according to whatever context they’re in.

Someone’s goal does not have to make sense for it to be valid in the EVLF’s mind. They do not like to over analyze the reasons behind their actions. This type accepts responsibility from others if it leads to everyone’s happiness in their chosen groups and communities.

3F – Insecure Physics

EVFLs are insecure in the state of their health. They believe that disease constantly threatens their body and this can cause them to be extra careful in maneuvering the world.

It is common for EVFLs to be compulsively hygienic or completely disregard their appearance in order to focus on health and safety instead. This type is never sure if their appearance suits them and they can feel judged or mistreated if people don’t walk them through appropriate styles.

EVFLs appreciate people who can discuss with them all the ways of taking care of themselves. They want to feel free to disregard their physical needs until they are comfortable to address them, and appreciate when this sensitivity is respected.

It is easier for EVFLs to maintain their appearance when they firmly grasp a system with clear steps to follow. Although this type feels inadequate in caring for their physical space, they notice when others fail to be tidy or complete chores.

4L – Unbothered Logic

EVFLs do not apply rules to their emotions unless there is a specific point in doing so. They are easily convinced of how rules and logic apply to their lives, and have no issue accepting these proposed ideas so long as they consider the person an expert in doing so.

They do not think it is important to be seen as overly intellectual as long as they are honest with their feelings.

This type listens to self-assured intellectuals, especially if they are concise and make sense. EVFLs do not waste time forming strong philosophical views as they require more energy to be placed into their motivational nature.

Being corrected does not cause this type to argue and they are rarely offended unless someone is specifically criticizing their physicality. They let go of beliefs that limit their emotions.

EVFLs do not like when people ask them to explain the reasoning behind their emotions. This type trusts others to let them know when they are making nonsensical decisions. When others answer their logical questions concisely, EVFLs are more likely to remember and use the information.

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