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LFVE - The Consultant

LFVEs are the most precise Attitudinal Psyche type. They state their opinions and do not like to waste much time debating the facts.

This type has no problem teaching people the basics of how to take care of themselves. Their responsibilities are handled when they have enough information and tools to overcome them.

LFVEs feel most comfortable in life when they’re trying to find the right formula for success in any endeavor.

They wear clothes that reflect their opinions of style but they take an interest in other aesthetics as well. This type spends time perfecting their physical care habits to make it easier to draw upon their willpower.

They have low emotional needs and prefer to let emotional satisfaction follow their logical ventures.

1L – Confident Logic

LFVEs defend their logical opinions with facts they have researched themselves. They tend to trust ideas only after they’ve personally taken a look at them.

They organize their many belongings based on what makes sense to them. Disliking extended arguments, this type moves on quickly after being proven correct or incorrect.

They discuss at length their opinions on food and health. The routines for cleaning their physical spaces are based on their own rules. At times, following through with commitments makes LFVEs insecure and they ensure their reasoning is sound before promising anything to anyone.

Emotional needs seem like intellectual puzzles to this type and they prefer to come up with reasonable and sound solutions to emotional issues.

2F – Flexible Physics

LFVEs enjoy making a functional space that is comfortable for everyone. They will explain at length why they put certain ingredients in food and expect to hear others opinions regarding their cooking.

Time is not wasted when explaining how certain health routines enhance wellness and what it feels like. This type experiments with tools and tips to understand what’s most useful in helping them complete their responsibilities.

LFVEs invite others to discuss their sometimes eccentric style preferences, which adds to their expertise about aesthetics. This type might tell others what not to do but not if it promotes neuroticism about health.

They rarely become offended or emotional in regards to others opinions about their looks or health regiment.

3V – Insecure Volition

LFVEs are never sure if their work ethic is reliable. This type wants to reach their potential and wants to do so through knowing as much as possible about the decisions ahead.

Researching situations ahead of time helps LFVEs follow through on promises, so they often spend time going over their options and obsessing over possibilities.

They are not sure if their motivation is enough for a task, so LFVEs may use drugs, food, and new possessions to make it easier to complete responsibilities.

This type can become frozen in indecision if they start to feel stifled by the demands and expectations of others. For this reason, many LFVEs will do as much as they can to adhere to rules and principles that minimize any expectations that may be places on them by others.

LFVEs are not sure what their willpower is made of and they appreciate people who encourage their efforts rather than pressure them. Emotional realizations, often prompted by other people, inspire this type to overcome obstacles.

4E – Unbothered Emotion

LFVEs accept emotional reactions from anyone. It is difficult to offend the feelings of this type unless you challenge their honesty.

The dramatic expressions of people are wholly accepted by this type so long as they are not zeroing in on the LFVE’s identity. They trust people to say how they feel, especially regarding physical preferences and tastes.

LFVEs are quick to act on epiphanies about their deep desires when they have also made sense of them.

They love to listen to unfiltered motivational speech as it gives them a chance to understand what is or is not meaningful to themselves. This is a safe environment for the LFVE, so you’ll often find them to be friends with animated individuals.

The clothing and appearance of this type is not based on how they want to emotionally express themselves but rather what makes them feel secure and balanced.

This type relies on people to tell them what their emotions mean so they can quickly reach a conclusion and push forward enjoying life.

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