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LVFE - The Conductor

LVFEs are the most scientific Attitudinal Psyche type. They are experts at guiding others towards the truth, and spend much of their time motivating others into thinking.

This type continuously keeps their opinions updated and will correct any wrong assertions with a calm, easy going approach.

LVFEs enjoy being motivational leaders and inspire people to be their best selves. Laziness sometimes overcomes LVFEs, but they easily motivate themselves towards a worthwhile logical problem which can energize them back into action.

Taking care of their appearance brings them uneasiness and they prefer to treat these tasks as any other responsibility. This type relies on their own research to address their vulnerability surrounding their physical needs, but they can fall into deep cycles of anxiety if they are not given room to talk about their fears.

LVFEs are not interested in their own emotional impressions, but they take interest in the honest emotional expressions of others. They take no offense to strong ethical viewpoints and will logically examine them in depth.

1L – Confident Logic

LVFEs trust themselves to know how the world works. They take more time than others to sort out the logical truth, so they rely on their own judgement. They are not bothered by those who demand they explain things, as they certainly have an answer for those who are willing to listen.

This type enjoys empowering others to choose well-informed courses of action through principled theoretically backed methods.

LVFEs do not care what people are motivated by as long as their rationale makes sense. They can listen to those who are unsure of themselves for hours and bounce off all sorts of ideas to help push forward.

Researching how to take care of their health, sometimes neurotically, leads to their strong opinions on how to take care of one’s body. They are unsure of whether their physical needs are truly met, but they understand the logical basis of their actions.

Sometimes LVFEs mistake emotional needs for a logical problem that needs to be solved, so it’s much appreciated when others can guide their emotional wants.

2V – Flexible Volition

LVFEs make people feel confident in their ability when the pressure to perform is on. They walk people through the options of how to progress in their responsibilities, emphasizing what will be learned.

They have a keen sense of knowing who will be offended if pushed too hard, so they keep this in mind when offering advice to others.

This type balances their personal obligations with the priorities of others without sacrificing their opinions of what is right. LVFEs hold strong opinions, but they filter them through endless diplomacy.

They enthusiastically change their identities and wear eccentric styles, but can become embarrassed or vulnerable if people don’t give them space to explore the physical realm. They are never sure if their aesthetics match how they wish to come across, so they seek feedback from others.

The next venture takes the attention of LVFEs away from their emotional musings, as they are always organizing their minds to new philosophical ideas.

3F – Insecure Physics

LVFEs are overwhelmed with their own health concerns. They are paranoid that others will make them sick and that they are at risk for disease.

This type is jealous of people who easily attend to their health, hygiene, and appearance, which inspires their research in these areas.

They wish to observe others who are highly open and helpful in regards to fashion, health, and other physical realms. Trying to discover the ideal method of dealing with their appearance, LVFEs create a system of handling it based on their knowledge.

They take much time to explain what they have done to address their physical needs, and can become very aggressive if questioned about these things.

LVFEs are more comfortable dealing with routines surrounding tidiness when they know it can improve their happiness. This type appreciates people who can explain the use of different cleaning methods and respect that they will not want to do it the same way every time.

So long as people can respect their occasional obsessions and neuroticism regarding their physical selves, the LVFE can move forward in being their motivational selves.

4E – Unbothered Emotion

LVFEs live for long periods of time without exploring their emotions. Feelings are unimportant to this type when it comes to forming the correct conclusions, unless they serve a specific role in discovering new philosophy.

Their ambitions have much more to do with their logical pursuits than any emotional inspiration but they highly respect those who offer emotional principles without expectations.

They rely on others to tell them how they appear to feel as the LVFE believes they must know better than themselves.

When LVFEs want to feel something different, they simply change their thinking. This type wants to listen to the likes and dislikes of others to understand why they have certain emotions. Their personal values do not concern them until they support opinions and personal growth.

Overall, LVFEs prefer to minimize the time they spend thinking of their emotions as they have more daunting tasks to tend to.

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