Ena Sexta

Ena Sexta
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Ena Sexta





The Ena Sexta

Evolution Cycle: Experiencing chaos. Seeking the unknown and trying to understand what is happening through emotions, raw sensations, and comfort (or discomfort).

Role: Beginning lifecycles. Starting anew. Uncovering secrets, taboo, the hidden and bringing them to light through playful banter and discussion. Prefer comfort in the immediate environment, discomfort in the outside environment. Separating work and pleasure. Hands-on discovery of the new and interesting.

This sexta focuses on identifying the emotional value of their lives through unrestricted expression and exploration. Enas tend to recognize that life is short and are greatly affected by this fact. For this reason, the types in this sexta arrange their intellectual pursuits and goals according to what will make them feel the most alive.

This focus on mortality drives them to refine personal standards of what will quickly satisfy physical and emotional needs. They may spend large portions of their time organizing and fantasizing about their desires and dreams. Types of this sexta are drawn to the mysterious, hidden and taboo aspects of life. Enas do not avoid topics about mental illness, the paranormal, psychedelics or anything that pushes the extent of what is possible in the world.

Enas welcome dramatic emotional displays because extremes of positive and negative human experiences generally fascinate them, even if they are not personally involved. They usually believe that to feel and express is to be human. Though their responses may be extreme, they feel stifled if they are unable to freely express whatever bubbles to the surface of their emotional center.

Members of this sexta tend to force themselves to come to terms with the hardship of survival. They usually prefer to deal with discomfort outside of their own spaces. Other sextas may shy away from darkness, but not Enas. This connection with the dark side of life leads to a strong desire to improve the self because they believe it results in a comfortable lifestyle. Enas enjoy free discussion of ideas. They believe that greater knowledge exposes individuals to better ways of applying efforts, while injecting meaning into the journey through life.

Similarly, the types tend to encourage the aspirations of others as long as the goal improves overall happiness. This sexta enjoys discussion of intellectual interests, life plans, science fiction, technology, and self-improvement. They may even revel in conspiracy theories or alternative viewpoints regardless of whether or not they believe in them. Overall, they focus on creating a comfortable and happy existence by creatively applying their knowledge and willpower through diving into the unknown.

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