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ELVF - The Dramatist

ELVF is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in transmitting their own strong emotional convictions through art, poetry, and rebellious declarations. The ELVF appears highly verbose, and resistant to anyone who infringes on their right to emotional and personal autonomy. They may come off as talkative, theoretical, self-centered, moody, poetic, artistic, and emotionally blunt. The ELVF seems to want control over their identity through narrating their lives, foraging meaning from their experiences, and retaining their own right to choose which emotional aesthetics get to take up space in their mental sphere.

1E – Confident Emotions

ELVFs are the most emotionally bold 1E type (and type overall). This type does not hold back in letting others know their opinions of their relationships, both good and bad. They stick by their emotions and resist any outside force that may obstruct or diminish their expression. ELVFs can have a wide array of feelings and intuitions that will vary based on the individual – but regardless of this contrast this type will own whatever emotion they feel is pertinent to their identity. The ELVF often expects that others respect their autonomy and right to their own emotions. Sometimes shy, this type can hold back in the beginning of a relationship but will not falter being straightforward once questioned.

2L – Flexible Logic

ELVF is the most highly verbose 2L type. ELVFs prefer to turn logical analysis into a long discussion about possibilities, twists, and turns in the bounds of the theoretical. They do not mind being wrong about logic, so long as it is not held over them personally or professionally. This can sometimes happen, and make the ELVF appear 1L or 3L, when in fact they are perceiving the accuser as attacking their identity or emotional sensibilities. When given ample time and space to discuss logic, the ELVF often gathers all evidence and expresses it in long diatribes that invite others to continue feeding more questions into the logical voyage. The ELVF may end up in a completely different space than where they started, as the journey through the theoretical is where they feel the most comfortable.

3V – Insecure Volition

ELVFs have the most verbally aggressive, angry, and internally (sometimes externally) violent 3V besides their solution type FLVE. This type has an extremely difficult time figuring out what steps and decisions they must take to create goals for their lives. They also disregard any sort of assured or confident seeming advice coming from others that does not take their specific circumstances into consideration. Any sort of default or vague advice is swiftly rejected, as the ELVF wants others to genuinely take interest in their life struggles. ELVFs can challenge others who assert their power, often feeling a skeptical disgust that they may or may not express, as they feel that volition is an ever-changing part of the human experience, so holding onto power so vehemently seems phony or fraudulent to them.

4F – Unbothered Physics

ELVFs have a lax approach to physics which makes them one of the most obvious 4F types. This type will often ignore their surroundings so long as they feel that their needs are met (and sometimes even this does not activate them). They can feel completely unbothered by any clutter, mess, dirty laundry, unpaid bills, or even half-done practical tasks lying around. ELVFs tend to only pay attention to the physical world when it aides in their poetic or emotional creations that they are attempting to convey to the world. Once the physical can be perceived as something more meaningful or metaphorical to the ELVF, then they take notice. The ELVF often desires that others will complete their tasks for them, or at least offer up decisive advice on how to deal with life’s little chores without wasting too much energy.

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