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FVLE - The Patron

FVLE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most ready to survive through any situation that may arise. The FVLE appears embodied, aware of their surroundings, and in-tune with their aesthetic sensibilities. They may come off bright, sensual, relatable, unshakable, and even seductive given the right combination of other personality types. Above all, the FVLE seems to want control over their identity through adventure, movement, and giving value to the things they choose to surround themselves with.

1F – Confident Physics

FVLEs have an almost comforting approach to the Physics aspect. This type does not act out as aggressively as other 1Fs, but they are most certainly confident when they do act. FVLEs put themselves together well, and project out an image of ease when it comes to how they dress. They can appear to lack any sort of aversion to hard work, and often make the most mundane tasks seem interesting and fun. The FVLE completes projects at their own pace. If they want something done, they generally believe they can do it themselves. However, this does not stop them from reaching out to others for ideas, or attempting to inspire others to create projects in their own way.

2V – Flexible Volition

FVLEs are one of the most obvious 2V types. They are encouraging, diplomatic, and can listen to anyone’s needs and provide them with feedback and support when necessary. FVLEs have a tendency to rise above conflict and struggle. There is an aversion to pain and dramatics that the FVLE seems to employ no matter what sort of decision they come to. It is rare to see an FVLE become openly offended, as they can evade negative emotions quite easily, and even transform the negative into positive when at healthier psychological levels.

3L – Insecure Logic

FVLEs tend to be one of the less obvious 3L types due to their positive, or neutralizing nature. This, however, does not mean that their attitude is any less insecure regarding logic, just that they are more avoidant and sensitive to overt displays of aggression in this realm. This type does not like to get details wrong, or seem as if they are limited in any way by how things operate on a theoretical basis. For this reason, they can often refuse to share their opinion on logic, or quickly dismiss others who expect them to explain themselves when they make a decision or complete a task a certain way.

4E – Unbothered Emotion

FVLEs are one of the most even-keeled 4E types. They tend to be open and interested in all forms of emotions when they are not busy with other parts of their lives. The FVLE can even fool others into thinking they are more emotional than they are, because of their unflappable, solid nature. They can give off the impression of not having any needs or weaknesses through behaving in a neutral, chill, fully embodied way. This can send out a false signal where the FVLE seems in tune with their emotions, but contrary to this perception, they are completely unbothered, or furthermore, ignorant of what is happening internally on an emotional level.

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