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FVEL - The Flourisher

FVEL is the Attitudinal Psyche type most likely to create and concoct new pleasing, interesting physical spaces. FVELs tend to try on and imagine new themes when it comes to their aesthetic preferences. They often create spaces where their imagination can roam free without the worry of being externally judged. The core concepts that the FVEL focuses on are structure, configuration, and design with a secondary focus on enjoyment, pleasure, and satisfaction.

FVELs have a knack for sorting out objects, styles, and components of a fixed space. They tend to possess this skill because of the massive amounts of mental energy they have regarding structure and design. This type wants to view each object as a puzzle piece that can be moved around in numerous ways to inspire growth.

FVELs like to gather ideas, information and opinions of those around them to envision how their life’s direction could change. This type is monitoring how their character develops over time and has no problem completely switching up their decisions if they are not satisfying the need for unique aesthetics and surroundings.

FVELs tend to be eclectic and keen on noticing minute differences in style. They may borrow many small ideas from other groups or cultures and subtly incorporate them into their own conglomerations. This is how this type gets a general idea of the creative worlds of those around them. It also keeps them from having to directly engage with the emotions of others where they may feel insecure, ashamed or afraid.

FVELs usually feel a general disinterest in highly detailed theoretical models, unless it directly benefits their current project ideas without taking up too much of their mental space. This type can get thrown into disarray and insecurity if they must deal with an emotional matter that keeps them from being encased in enjoyment and construction of their space.

1F – Confident Physics

FVELs enjoy bathing in their own creative thoughts and innovations. If they can watch their environment be brought to life through structuring and configuring all of the pieces involved, satisfaction can be obtained. However, the FVEL is extremely picky about what they find appealing. This type has no interest in choosing what is “in style” and instead will choose whatever they decide is fulfilling in the moment.

FVELs tend to have no qualms moving to new locations or switching up their decisions in an instant. They can be quite “hard headed” and refuse to remain still, even if urged by those around them. This type truly desires to flourish, and this usually leads them to develop a philosophy of constant movement early on in life. They recognize that flourishing, for them, means persistent renewal of the environment and resources they can grasp.

FVELs often flourish in the harshest of environments. They tend to incessantly process their own emotions, worrying how their surroundings could affect them negatively. For this reason, they often prepare themselves for the worst and this is why nothing usually surprises them in the world. This can lead to disaster, however, as the FVEL can have their own emotions suddenly unleash on them unexpectedly.

FVELs may focus on pushing through the darkest aspects of life to enjoy and cherish those around them. This type desires to unlock logical methods and facts efficiently, either through inquiry or figuring it out themselves and moving on. The opinions of others are generally accepted and do not offend the FVEL, unless strong and unbridled emotions are coupled with the opinion.

2V – Flexible Volition

FVELs are open about how their character can be perceived by others. They offer a listening ear to insight and advice on the direction their lives could take, and will often incorporate it if it fits with their agenda. This type shares what they are striving towards whenever prompted.

FVELs are highly aware of how emotions and relational opinions can manipulate or offset their goals. For this reason, they are cautious, and skeptical of people at first. They need space to consider their own emotions and express them when they feel comfortable to do so. If they can be offered a hand in interpreting their own feelings patiently, they will usually accept the help. Self-discovery and self-help are highly fascinating for this type, as they desire to stay motivated to create.

FVELs are always progressing towards what they desire. They take themselves (and sometimes others) on a journey through the decision-making process. There is less of a focus on the end result, and more of a focus of in-the-moment construction and expansion of possibilities. This type feels a confidence in their own rights and how to inspire others to fend for themselves.

FVELs prefer to walk away from situations that are not aiding in their development as people. This is because, above all, they want to enjoy structuring their own lives. They tend to have a calm self-confidence that aids in weaseling out of any struggle or tough situation they may fall into.

3E – Insecure Emotion

FVEL is the type that wishes to “live, and let live”. They tend to actively rid themselves of boiling up negative emotions, and certainly do not let others hoist emotions onto them. If someone is emotionally demanding towards the FVEL, they have an impenetrable wall to get past that may end in an aggressive push back.

FVELs may vigorously pursue how their own senses affect their emotions. They often go on internal journeys through all of the complex emotions they feel, unsure of which one is meaningful, and which one is not. They may feel that have to seek out and squash any strong emotions within themselves or risk throwing all caution to the wind and “blowing up”.

FVELs can at times use the nervous energy towards their own emotions as a tool for motivation. The spiritual experience that they sometimes feel within them, can propel them to make decisions that further lead to enjoyment and happiness. For this reason, they can overcome abuse much easier than other 3E types. The danger is then thinking that abuse does not affect them, which can lead to further suppression of emotions.

At times, FVELs can feel too much pressure when they have a lot of details to sift through. They may become stressed and uneasy if there is too much complexity around them, so they can walk away feeling as if they kept their self-respect in tact. They often distrust their own emotions, which can cause long term resentment to dominate their subconscious.

4L – Unbothered Logic

FVELs generally resist becoming overly concerned about delving deeply into theory or philosophy. They may need to detach themselves from ongoing arguments that bring in extraneous information so they can focus on what is true or false and black or white. This can lead to the FVEL giving others quick and efficient responses when inquired about how something works on a figurative level.

FVELs do not want to be bothered to engage in never-ending journeys through theories and logic. They want to develop trusted sources, and clear rules of what is true or false. If others need help making decisions, or walking through all the possibilities of how to move forward in life, FVELs like to do so by having a solid base and understanding of the details.

FVELs sometimes tend to worry about proving others wrong because of the emotional backlash that they may face. For this reason, they can be somewhat shy, and standoffish when it comes to logical reasoning and arguments. However, if someone prefers to discuss their emotions rather than reacting badly, then the FVEL will feel safer.

If one presses FVELs too hard about their own belief systems and particulars, they may perceive it as personal prying and refuse to answer. However, this does not mean that this type does not listen to the opinions of others. They often highly respect those who put forth knowledge in a confident, and flippant manner, as this gives FVELs the opportunity to take that information as they see fit or relevant.

FVELs usually enjoy fully encompassed ideas that are already fleshed out and require no extra processing and digging around. They want quick solutions and brick-by-brick instructions when it comes to details. This type wishes to take principles they have found and funnel them into their self-development and physical desires.

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