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LEVF - The Visionary

LEVF is the most philosophical attitudinal psyche type. They are highly attuned to mathematical thinking and can easily apply principles they’ve gathered to society and human nature. LEVFs tend to focus heavily on how culture affects the human drive. They enjoy creating novel ideas and bringing order to chaotic information. Generally they remain quiet and observant in conversations which may lead them to appear shy and meek at first. This stereotype usually fades quickly as the LEVF will not stumble away from explaining their thought processes when prompted. LEVFs generally do not pay close attention to the physical world as their mind is too busy wandering in the possibilities of self-development through human relations and logical analyses. However, when the environment needs to be changed in order to progress, the LEVF will make quick work of what’s necessary.

1L – Confident Logic

LEVF is one of the most intellectually focused types. They love to pursue all systems of knowledge and gather as much information on whatever it is that’s inspiring them at the moment. LEVFs prefer to analyze and conceptualize all the things around them. They tend to strive for a universal ideal and dedicate their time gaining insight into whichever philosophies support this ideal. This type does not worry so much about their comforts as they see theoretical information as paramount. They do not put stock into money and indulgence in the physical world. They are truly searching for the philosophical “theory of everything”. For this reason, they are often interested in self-improvement.

2E – Flexible Emotion

LEVFs are keen on understanding the emotional rifts within a certain setting. This type is always willing to listen, empathize, and fully identify with whatever emotions others are conveying. They frequently refer back to prior experiences when theorizing how to classify new standards of interaction and generously share this information with those in need of emotional support. They’re great at describing situations and recalling all of the feelings, expressions, and thoughts of everyone who participated. There is always a focus on the purpose of an action or idea. No pattern escapes the mind of an LEVF. They do well at ignoring their own physical needs in order to be there for others, but easily take advice from those who notice this lack of attention to their environment.

3V – Insecure Volition

LEVFs are profoundly aware of the negative pitfalls that have plagued humanity and can fall into dark obsessions. They may tend to find fault in those who aggressively push their ideals and visions onto others. They can become combative and flighty if they are not given the proper space to ponder what it is they desire. LEVFs are extremely skeptical towards anyone who defines their identity without asking their opinion. They prefer to stay surrounded by those who aid in understanding their possible place in the world. They are firm believers of the saying, “Imagination decides everything.” Feelings of vulnerability, insignificance, dependence, and imperfection can invade their thoughts. At times, this may cause the LEVF to become misanthropic and remain on the outskirts of society. However, they are generally resilient and will continue to promote a positive emotional atmosphere and mindset, sometimes totally ignoring their insecurity towards their own volition.

4F – Unbothered Physics

LEVFs may abstain from worldly pleasures and comforts to maximize the attention they put into their inner logical world. The mind of an LEVF is constantly wandering and imagining so it’s easy for them to put objective reality on pause. They tend to have explored many different aspects of life and usually have something interesting to say about any subject except when it comes to all things physical. When they have a need or physical desire, they figure out the most efficient way to satisfy them. They prefer to quickly think of novel and timely ways to feel better and more in control of their body. They will take advice and pointers from others so long as they are not expected to waste too much energy in this realm. LEVFs prefer to use any nervous energy that crops up to decide what their responsibilities are, rather than how they look or feel physically.

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