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LVEF - The Deviser

LVEF is the Attitudinal Psyche type most willing to uncover truths about the human drive. This type is certain of their opinions because they notice valid ideas and inconsistencies with ease. Not only are they intelligent, they naturally motivate themselves and everyone around them into incorporating new and interesting ideas. LVEFs encourage people to decide what they want and are concerned of the logical explanation behind these actions. This type is so invested in stoking their motivation for intellectual pursuits that they can hesitate or completely ignore their emotional needs. They are cautious of the effect of their emotions on the accuracy of their opinions and desire that others remain open with them when navigating feelings. LVEFs accept the journeys that others are on in terms of their identity, but may criticize their reactions to art, media, and culture. The active mind of this type distracts them from the status of their health and surroundings.

1L – Confident Logic

LVEFs pride themselves on their clarity of thought. They have an ability to delve into any subject and form an independent opinion without hesitation. The conclusion is more important than what they do with the information. They view logic as something that promotes health, happiness and full living. LVEFs easily rally people around their expertise and they enjoy inspiring others to capture their own willpower as well. They often adapt to obligations set by others as long as they agree with their reasoning. The emotions of LVEFs are volatile and subject to change, which is a puzzle their intellect takes on. They can feel as though their logical mind must be the only tool to fully scope the complexity of human emotions. This type is unsure of the truth in the feelings of others, and assumes they are exaggerated until proven otherwise. Intellectual pursuits are the focus of LVEFs and they may neglect their hunger and tidiness to resolve an overarching scientific or philosophical question.

2V – Flexible Volition

LVEFs gradually achieve their ambitions and they accept that their goals are subject to frequent change. They are flexible in how they spend their energy and sometimes incorporate the demands of others into their schedules. However, they may become so unmoved by urgency that they forget to complete tasks that they started but they have no problem incorporating themselves back into their responsibilities when prompted. This type can tell detailed stories about what mindsets and efforts influenced their achievements which lends its hand to self-help methods. LVEFs motivate themselves towards any goal that is the most consistent with their beliefs. Occasionally their conflicting emotions inspire them to re-frame their identities but they don’t see this as too big of a deal. They spend much time pondering the structure of their motivations and feelings. LVEFs are so busy understanding the questions and direction of science and philosophy, that they can forget to regularly sleep and eat.

3E – Insecure Emotion

LVEFs are skeptical of the role of their emotions in their lives. Understanding their conflicting feelings is left for a time when they are comfortable to explore this. They can feel completely flustered by their own emotional inner vulnerability, or radically accept all emotions that bubble to the surface. They are uncertain that any one deep desire deserves their attention, so LVEFs commit to many techniques of stabilizing their mood. LVEFs reject most influences to their imaginations and see this part of existence as privately cultivated or something to consider with a trusted, patient friend or source. They can look at those who express themselves without limitation with a sneering doubt. Preferring to understand emotions in a safe environment, LVEFs are careful to avoid being put on the spot by others regarding how they feel. This type sometimes has pressing physical needs that they can confuse with emotional upheavals. If they aren’t properly following a diet or taking care of their physical needs, it can manifest in sour and irritable moods. When LVEFs are satisfied in hunger and organizing their environment, they feel more capable of integrating their feelings. LVEFs seek feedback from others so they can better fine-tune their likability to help their diplomatic nature.

4F – Unbothered Physics

LVEFs are apathetic to overthinking the details of caring for their bodies. They rely on people who simplify their eating and sleeping schedules and remind them to bring important possessions when needed. In their quest of understanding human motivation, this type prefers to spend as little time as possible obsessing over their bodily and physical needs. They want quick tips and solutions to bettering their health, as their attention lies more on intellectual pursuits. LVEFs often pay little attention to the impact of prolonged work on their bodies because motivation comes so easily. This type does not see how dysfunctional surroundings impacts their mental capabilities and emotional health but they trust those who are experts or confident in these realms. Simple, reliable methods of solving their physical needs is most appreciated by LVEFs. They spend the most time experimenting with their capabilities to sharpen their intellects, so efficient and easy regiments to take care of their physical world is ideal.

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