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FELV - The Moodmaker

FELV is the Attitudinal Psyche type most comforting to the human spirit. They understand how their environment is conducive to social interaction. This type is not in a rush to meet responsibilities and trusts others to tell them what needs to happen. FELVs confidently change their own mood to explore the feelings of others. They have a strong opinion about food and physical care that can support the emotional well-being of everyone. This type boldly presents their style, unless it is offensive to the feelings of others. FELVs see no point in taking their identity seriously and accept the input of others about their innate capability. This type can feel as if rules and logic do not apply to them. They have a hard time accepting information before completely deconstructing it for themselves. FELVs do not easily accept conclusions from self-appointed intellectuals but will filter their skepticism through connecting emotionally with others.

1F – Confident Physics

FELVs closely attend to their own physical needs. They understand when temperature, hunger and cleanliness affect how they feel. Their physical needs are closely tied to their emotional experience. Their mood levels may quickly change based on what they desire or have a craving for. Attending to their comfort pleases their emotions and they do not hesitate to tell others how to attain the same pleasure. FELVs boldly indicate how people should be more practical while respecting their feelings. They want everyone to feel comfortable exploring their emotions in order to satisfy every desire they have. This type wants their habits to be well-informed with accurate research, but they doubt information others assert as true. They can become interested in the hidden, taboo or occult in order to navigate their ever skepticism towards the socially approved way of life. They take control of their physical needs even if they are not sure about their own conclusions. FELVs can be so focused on their own comfort that they have little care for how their habits affect their motivations.

2E – Flexible Emotion

FELVs support the emotional reactions of others, even if they are disproportionate. They are interested in why people feel a range of emotions and can talk endlessly about deep desires with others. This type is more interested in how to relate with the feelings of others than asserting their emotions without explanation. When they do let their emotions get out of hand, they quickly make amends and want to discover why something happened a particular way if it ended negatively. FELVs are unsure when their ideas are clearly worded and will sometimes ask people if they are making sense and not offending them. They can spend so much time exploring the nature of friendship and disagreements that they disregard their ambitions entirely. However, this does not phase the FELV, as they trust themselves to pick up their responsibilities when absolutely necessary. This type enjoys handling the unpredictable emotions of others because they creatively find ways to appeal to them.

3L – Insecure Logic

FELVs overthink almost everything they communicate. They are concerned over spreading inaccuracies and how that could impact the feelings of others. Sometimes, this concern turns into anxiety and they can ignore the logical realm all together. This type considers how their lack of knowledge can cause inefficiencies in their personal care habits. For example, the wrong information could lead to an avoidable illness, so the FELV may go on binges of digging deep into medical text books and information to learn as much as possible. FELVs may disbelieve someone but maintain stable emotions in conversing with them. They wish to remain in harmony with those they love and when blow-ups do happen they often feel a lot of regret. They want their questions to be informed, and appreciate other people who elaborate their knowledge without claiming expertise. Clarity about their capabilities can drive FELVs to explore their beliefs. FELVs often find the inaccuracies that others overlook and can make great work of encouraging others to create their own truth regardless of “ancient wisdom”.

4V – Unbothered Volition

FELVs actively search for inspiration only when they need to change their life. They rely on others to remind them of obligations and are quite easygoing and patient with deadlines and expectations. This type is not concerned with their level of energy and are content to spend time meeting needs of comfort and happiness. FELVs are neutral about their abilities and accept feedback from others on how to accomplish their aims. They may question the logic of a particular course of action even if they accept the importance of the goal. This type does not see how their identity impacts their aesthetics, so they tend to keep the same style regardless of the feedback of others. They feel a sense of comfort with the future and don’t worry much about it. For this reason, they appreciate those who can lead them, so they can spend their energy on what they find to be more important matters. FELVs do not take failure personally because it uncovers a faster way to achieve any aim. They are truly laid back in this realm.

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