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FLEV - The Alchemist

FLEV is the Attitudinal Psyche type most observant about how people influence the environment. This type has strong opinions on tastes that are well-informed by their own research. They enjoy discussing any topic of interest at length. While this type appreciates having serious discussions, they expect that others not attempt to overtly influence their emotions. FLEVs often enjoy work only when it improves their incomes and lifestyles. This type is unwilling to compromise their physical habits unless it conflicts with their own knowledge on health. Regardless of the circumstance, FLEVs will always organize their environment based on what they currently desire. They feel an ownership over their bodies, physical spaces, and belongings. With a large arsenal of academic knowledge, FLEVs often discuss what they know about any practical subject. Their strong preferences for food, clothing, and art are not fully understood by their emotional world.

1F – Confident Physics

FLEVs enjoy the results of their effort in the physical realm. They can explain how their knowledge influenced their strong opinions of style, often using precise and complex language to do so. This type decorates their spaces to be soothing to their turbulent emotions. They enjoy trinkets and art that reflects what they’ve learned through their lifetime. Not spending more energy than they have to, FLEVs often make simple goals that satisfy their lifestyle preferences. They do what is necessary to earn income and afford the food, styles, and technology that interests them. This type spends time learning about the best physical care routine so they can look how they desire. They do not worry about how others view their appearance and can laugh at anyone poking fun at them. They form a distinct style because their identity is not overly important to them. This type prefers to keep a lax and patient attitude surrounding their responsibilities. FLEVs do not change their appearance unless they have a new way of defining themselves. They truly aspire to live and learn in the most interesting way possible.

2L – Flexible Logic

FLEVs argue facts for the sake of the activity. They thoroughly enjoy hearing all sides of an argument and can dissect the details at length. They spend a lot of time asking people what their opinions are without a particular goal in mind. This type uses all that they know to organize their belongings and often take up creative hobbies like gardening, woodworking, furnishing, and cooking. The system that FLEVs adhere to for their possessions depends on what activities are important to them. FLEVs are curious about how their ideas affect their emotions. Doubt in their own feelings drives this type to analyze why particular emotions matter to them. They patiently explain their ideas in a way that would be accepted by skeptical people. They do not mind being bothered to explain further why they believe something and will not take offense to seething skepticism. FLEVs enjoy any intellectual challenge, especially if the process informs their tastes.

3E – Insecure Emotion

FLEVs question art that does not clearly display its meaning. They have strong opinions about the aesthetics of music and visual art but doubt their emotions about them. They may downplay others expressions or make humor out of otherwise serious events. This type enjoys food and art that stabilize their mood. FLEVs want to make sense of their feelings so they do not hinder the pleasure from completing goals and fixing physical issues. They endlessly process what they feel and rarely conclude how to integrate them into action. The strong emotional expressions of others are criticized by this type. FLEVs often identify the logical inconsistencies in their own feelings and the sentiments of others.

4V – Unbothered Volition

FLEVs rarely cultivate their own ambitions but they readily accept advice from others that will help them push forward. People who competently follow through on obligations appeal to this type, which seeks to quickly handle their responsibilities. They overlook obstacles to the progress of their goals until they become obvious or someone else identifies the problems. FLEVs spend little time researching how to form their identities through discipline, as they believe their knowledge and possessions reveal their identities with greater accuracy. This type will discipline their activities once someone confident in their willpower shows them exactly what to do to achieve their aim. Thoughts and emotions capture the interest of FLEVs more than perfecting their identity. They learn the basics of how to complete their goals so they can focus on enjoying their physical environment.

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