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VELF - The Harbinger

VELF is the Attitudinal Psyche type most able to harness their imagination to form an identity. They easily give meaning to their own lives and discuss the emotional revelations that guided their decision. This type is certain of their own power and will double down on it when they perceive others to be incorrect. A true individual, VELFs are skeptical of the conclusions of others and act independently of their advice. They attend to the emotions of others and avoid causing offense. Even if this type disagrees with someone, they will express it in a way that they believe is respectful to the mood. Health and physical needs are last on the minds of VELFs, as they motivate their bodies for work and push their will forward with passion.

1V – Confident Volition

VELFs focus their lives on being the best at their chosen ambition. They do not hesitate to delegate responsibilities to accomplish a goal despite being highly interested in the emotions of others. This type is friendly to those around them in order to lift their moods, which they hope inspires motivation. VELFs have a serious commitment to their work and only trust responsible people to participate in shared goals. If someone does not know how to move forward, a VELF often gives detailed advice on what to do. They are concerned that their ideas will be rejected and refer to their own authority when their conclusions are criticized. This can lead them to pitfalls as they sometimes feel hypocritical for not following their own emotional principles. VELFs are insecure in their understanding of reality and how it affects the basis of their personal aims. They may disregard rules all together or hone in on the lack of logical sense within others beliefs. They trust that their willpower can help them navigate environments that deprive their physical needs and will settle for quick fixes when issues crop up.

2E – Flexible Emotion

VELFs care about how others feel about their behavior. They make decisions independently while ensuring they respect the emotions of others in the process. When this type finds a flaw in the reasoning of another person, they articulate it in a calm tone. Lengthy explanations of emotions are punctuated by insecurities in their ability to communicate effectively. VELFs consider their availability to process emotions with others a valuable part of their ability to lead. They can negotiate turmoil between members of a group to allow them to agree on a way to behave in the future. They are quick to come up with new ideas and procedures to avoid pitfalls in the future. VELFs can confuse their own physical needs with emotions that they need to articulate, sometimes completely unable to connect the dots between their mood and current physical state. This type takes care of the insecurities of others by behaving in a way that encourages emotional honesty and openness. VELFs have a keen sense of how to break through the emotional guard of others by behaving calmly and patiently.

3L – Insecure Logic

VELFs have a tendency to refuse to accept any well-worded conclusion. This type wants to think and communicate simultaneously but struggles to accept their own ideas without thoroughly investigating them. Incorrect information is seen as a hindrance to achieving their personal aims, so they remain highly skeptical of the theoretical ideas of others. VELFs respect the emotional reality of others even if they reject their assertions of the truth. They wish to remain respectful of other’s feelings and will instead be strictly sardonic and questioning of the logic involved. They are skeptical of the inner workings of reality and overlook the physical world, so they have a unique tendency to be superstitious. This type appreciates people who inform their questions without pressuring them to agree with answers. Sometimes VELFs handle their intellectual insecurities by changing their emotions about the facts. They have a knack for pointing to what’s missing within internal systems rather than explaining how they operate as a whole. Improvements in the health and comfort of this type motivates them to engage with the accuracy of their own ideas.

4F – Unbothered Physics

VELFs quickly address basic physical needs in order to focus on their self-development. Highly spiritual in nature, this type is not interested in the comfort of their bodies until it is urgent. They often allow others to clean their spaces or instruct them on how to organize their possessions. Physical need is the only arena where VELFs allow others to direct their priorities. They only consider clothing styles as it relates to their professional aims and emotional expressions. This type loses track of their belongings and they do not realize how tools can help achieve their goals until pointed out by others. They appreciate people who tell them how to fix their health and share the knowledge that informs the results. Despite their struggle with practicality, VELFs are determined to win and succeed through sheer passion and willpower.

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