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VLEF - The Inquisitor

VLEFs are the most academic minded and argumentative out of all Attitudinal Psyche types. They make quick decisions about how to act, without questioning their decisions too much. This type is very curious about the world and is interested in the theoretical views of others, no matter how complex. Through expanding their mind, they find a logical path to their ambitions, always open to new ideas and theories. VLEFs refuse to feel any particular way until they are ready to do so. They can be extremely averse to those who apply emotional pressure to them. This type is skeptical of the strong emotions of other people, and will hide their own expressions if they don’t feel safe in expressing them. VLEFs spend so much time in their motivated intellect that they overlook their own health from time to time. VLEFs appreciate anyone who decisively takes care of food, chores, and other practical tasks.

1V – Confident Volition

VLEFs set their own priorities after exploring the rationale for their decisions. They feel no need in adjusting their volition and willpower to what others desire, unless they have a chance to test it out themselves. They take charge without spending more energy than they have to. Sometimes this means VLEFs will delegate responsibilities to people in a room without necessarily being open to options. They tend to trust their own decisions and find confidence in stating their identity and accomplishments openly. They persuade people to complete their aims by walking them through a logical explanation and being totally open to any logical input given back to them. If no one is qualified to achieve the goal, VLEFs eagerly do it themselves without consulting anyone of the appropriateness. VLEFs may challenge the character of others who decide to invade their emotions and criticize them without regard for any of the VLEF’s insecurity. VLEFs turn from heartbreak and other difficult emotions to focus on their work and come back with a new perspective on life. This type commits to their goals even if their lifestyle is not comfortable or particularly optimal health-wise.

2L – Flexible Logic

VLEFs explain the inner workings of their projects. They easily explain what drives them to learn subject matter in depth and can encourage others to figure things out for themselves as well. VLEFs spend much time comparing knowledge with people through discussion and this can lead to arguments where they challenge and push others to make decisions. This type is interested in the political arguments of others and feels a special connection to those who harbor unending skepticism towards ideas. They hope others take their feelings into consideration during a debate and will gladly adjust their ideas to meet any logical level of communication. Whether you are an expert or a novice, VLEFs will help you to understand an idea through open explanations. This type may make personal remarks during an argument, which serves to explore the feelings between them and other people. They pick up on those who are offended and may respond with anger or aggression if others don’t remain patient with them. VLEFs spend time philosophizing about the origin of emotions. They delight in talking with others who question their beliefs. This type rarely applies their intellect to improving their living conditions as this is seen as mostly unneeded until it interferes with their desires.

3E – Insecure Emotion

VLEFs analyze the meaning of their friendships with a lot of unsure skepticism regarding their own emotions. They measure the drive of every new person in their lives and wonder if they should feel comfortable to express themselves in any given instance. This type may avoid or extensively argue with anyone who is emotionally volatile and can point out any discrepancy of past and present emotions that are expressed. VLEFs already find difficulty in accepting their own emotions, so hearing the unfiltered emotions of others can be bewildering. They tend to preoccupy themselves with their ambitions until they are ready to explore the deep reasons for their emotions. Sometimes VLEFs tease people who show all of their personal emotions in an attempt to calm any fears within themselves. VLEFs easily remind people when they are being too loud or extreme and can employ sneering disdain to keep them from escalating further. This type may mistake emotional upheavals with their unmet biological needs.

4F – Unbothered Physics

VLEFs can adapt to living conditions as long as they can freely pursue their goals. They may go for some time without updating their appearance, then radically alter their aesthetic to fit whatever supports their life goals. This type may think their decline of health can be solved with toughening their willpower, but will easily listen to advice from others who are more versed in self care. VLEFs work hard, but they know how to enjoy the comforts afforded by their income. To this type, part of the point of achieving their aim is to live a more enjoyable existence. This type feels more emotionally safe when their physical needs are provided for. VLEFs appreciate other people who do not pressure them to feel a certain way. They want optimal health with the least amount of energy given. They appreciate efficient principles in order to take care of themselves. This type benefits from those who remind them about health and household matters.

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