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LFEV - The Connoisseur

LFEV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that best understands the processes that affect the behavior of others. They focus on being experts of style, hygiene and tidiness. This type prefers to let others do what they want and they note when their actions produce exceptional results. LFEVs do not mind being told what to do as long as the rationale makes sense. They are more interested in exploring how tastes and emotional responses affect each other rather than a specific result they can achieve from either. They don’t mind ignoring their own willpower temporarily until deciding the best conclusion on a further step they should take towards a goal. They want to see their ideas to total conclusion even if someone else must be given the responsibility to finish out their vision. LFEVs hope that experimenting with their appearance will make them less self-conscious when communicating emotions as they desire harmony between their personal comforts and emotions. This type categorizes their emotions that surface according to their own logic but can become anxious if they can’t understand what feelings they should or shouldn’t express.

1L – Confident Logic

LFEVs are certain of their correctness as they spend much time observing how people share emotions and belongings. They are drawn to creating rules and regulations regarding behavior and relation between humans. They enjoy educating the ignorant about whatever subject is in their expertise, often glossing over any arguments that may crop up. This type will temper their strong opinions when matters of taste are involved as they prefer that everyone feels comfortable discussing their physical preferences. LFEVs are confident in the truth of their ideas because they can also eliminate faulty conclusions with ease. From a position of knowledge, they speak at length about why they include ingredients of a meal. LFEVs often treat their emotions as an unpredictable phenomena that needs to be understood and expressed appropriately. They suspect the dramatic emotions of others and themselves are due to errors in beliefs and can either fully reject or engorge their emotions. This type spends so much time in the practical world that they do not mind skipping over their goals and motivations until absolutely needed.

2F – Flexible Physics

LFEVs pay attention to the aesthetics of themselves and other people. In great detail, they describe why they chose a particular accessory over other options while sometimes creating personal values about these physical items. This type has a positive attitude about their routines and they adjust their habits to deal with uncomfortable emotions. LFEVs align their environment to please the tastes of everyone, often letting others take the lead in organizing and decorating as they see fit. They dislike aesthetics that are offensive to themselves and other people and will calmly insert their opinions when necessary. LFEVs have their own reasons for their creative use of decorations and do not mind giving a logical monologue as to these reasons. This type is not strict about when chores and other physical tasks need to be completed as they believe everything will come together when needed. Time spent on playing with style does not serve any ultimate goal of the LFEV except to lift their mood or add to their expertise.

3E – Insecure Emotion

LFEVs are unsure of what they are feeling at any given moment. They figure out their emotions by referencing what they know about deep desires. They may spend large portions of time obsessing over their inner feelings, while trying to decide when or how they should express them to others. This type wants feedback on how to feel without being pressured to like or dislike anything. LFEVs do not want to be inhibited by feelings that are impractical and illogical. They might use new possessions, drugs or rationalizations to manage their emotions. LFEVs are insecure to express emotions because people might judge how they stated them. This can lead to the LFEV becoming overly anxious and aggressively stating emotions or completely detaching from feelings until a later time. This type often refers to their logical correctness when people doubt their feelings as they trust their intellect and ability to understand rules that govern people. The time spent on processing their emotions is a more pressing matter than achieving a personal goal but they do not shy away from taking responsibility that others place on them. LFEVs want to understand their varied emotions on culture, art, and religious practices, so anyone who calmly discusses these matters with them is considered valuable.

4V – Unbothered Volition

LFEVs mostly do not attend to their personal goals until prompted to do so. This type does not ponder their own potential until they see a goal as necessary. They prefer to live and let live, knowing that there are plenty of experts in the world who can push agendas when needed. They respect capable people who put themselves in charge of completing a goal or ideal. LFEVs are glad to attend to any personal aim in the most efficient way possible. They are open to instructions on what to do to reach their goals, especially if the person is confident in their own ability. LFEVs accept assessments of their capabilities from others because they do not want to waste time on an impossible project. They gladly add in their own logical musings to others to make processes even more efficient for everyone involved. They believe so long as these matters are decided quickly, there is more time to enjoy the physical and emotional world that is ever evolving. Having a clear picture of the path forward allows this type to integrate their emotions. LFEVs enjoy the logical consistency of a disciplined way of life.

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