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VEFL - The Orchestrator

VEFL is the Attitudinal Psyche type with the most faith in the human spirit. They take all their personal goals upon themselves while adjusting to how people feel about their presence. This type expresses their emotions in colorful ways and respects the reactions others, no matter how complex or elaborate. VEFLs take responsibility for any task they believe will be best completed independently. They are true perfectionists in their appearance, especially if an imperfect appearance is in the way of reaching professional goals. The beliefs of VEFLs matter less than applying themselves in the world and getting people motivated as they trust that there are plenty of others in the world who are capable of implementing overly complex rules and ideas. Knowing how something works does not affect their willpower and interest in the feelings of people as they will push through anything with their charm and determination.

1V – Confident Volition

VEFLs estimate their capabilities very highly, as they consult only themselves when addressing personal goals and their ever changing identity. They are comfortable with leading others, even if no one elected them to do so but they do pay attention to the values and relational opinions of others. This type does not have to have all the logical answers before taking charge. They believe that as long as their knowledge is strong enough to push forward, they may do so. VEFLs encourage the positive emotions of people so they will happily fulfill important duties in the world around them. They boldly make decisions for a group unless it causes a stressful relationship. When these stresses do crop up, they use their ability to connect and make others feel comfortable to continue on their their goals and decision making. This type talks extensively about threats of physical safety that will hinder their progress. They do not like to think of their physical limitations or possible hidden dangers of health that may threaten their goals. VEFLs often tell others how to take care of their health while being insecure in their own habits. They try to manage their anxiety by creating a strong communal bond in their desired groups. They look for the best understanding of a situation to determine how to behave, even if this type does not spend time pondering logical principles.

2E – Flexible Emotion

VEFLs are a stable source of emotional support. They are enthusiastic in all that they accomplish but respect that people might not feel the same way. Open to all expression of feelings, this type wants others to feel emotionally accepted. VEFLs take control of the expressions of people in a group to prevent anyone from feeling offended. They ensure that their actions do not make people uncomfortable, especially avoiding flashy or unappealing styles. VEFLs easily negotiate their personal values with others and it is not important to express the full range of their emotions. Any sort of disagreement they will take to heart and genuinely reflect on the expressions between people. This type invites discussion about feelings, believing that eccentric emotions do not need to be categorized. They believe emotions are a forever evolving part of life and it’s okay to regulate them as so.

3F – Insecure Physics

VEFLs are confused about the importance of their various bodily needs. This type is afraid that disease is a constant threat but will not engage in personal research about it as this may strengthen the anxiety. They trust others to know the reason behind symptoms and feel taken care of when all options are laid out in front of them. They desire people who are knowledgeable about the physical world and can gently discuss with them all the tips and tricks of living a better life. VEFLs appreciate others who allow them to choose which physical needs are important and explain the benefits of attending to them. They are insecure in their cleanliness and will spend extra time to make an area look presentable. They may become grouchy and complain if their space is cramped or changed too much without permission being asked. This type rejects those that strongly state practical advice on how to take care of themselves, as they are averse to people controlling their priorities or not giving them room to express their own neuroticism regarding their physical state. They believe health, lifestyle and personal aesthetic should be an ongoing conversation rather than a strict area of rules and guidelines. VEFLs rely on simple ideas that require little time to implement in order to feel more sure that their bodies are presentable.

4L – Unbothered Logic

VEFLs do not value endless philosophizing despite their level of intelligence. They prefer simple answers to problems even if the underlying theory is complex and hard to follow. If a conclusion has to be over-explained, this type suspects that the person does not know what they are talking about. VEFLs are concerned about the results of logical analysis so they can move on with a decision. As long as their lack of knowledge does not impede their goals, VEFLs are fine with leaving logical analysis to those who enjoy it. This type is neutral about political opinions and prefer to take into account the emotions of others during a discussion. They love to lead those who feel unheard and unrepresented. At times, VEFLs use their willpower to overcome any of their fears of the physical world, quickly changing their mindset and pushing through obstacles.

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