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VFEL - The Arbiter

VFEL is the Attitudinal Psyche type most motivated to enforce rules that make everyone’s lives easier to manage. They are resourceful leaders that patiently teach others how to organize their environment so they are fit for success. This type can be uncomfortable with acting on their emotions and prefers to use willpower and practical skills to enforce their own stability. VFELs value their own time when accomplishing goals and they do not like to waste it on technicalities. They enjoy people who can concisely explain solutions while respecting the VFEL’s emotional vulnerability. This type does not spend too much time in their own imagination because they believe taking action is a better way to make their aspirations a reality.

1V – Confident Volition

VFELs generally feel a sense of ownership of their own identity and will independently decide how to reach a goal. This type will take over any responsibilities that others are failing to complete, especially in the physical realm. They can talk at length about how to use belongings to meet daily goals but they are not interested in compromising the goal itself. VFELs can sometimes ignore their conflicting emotions to focus on what the course of action is. This type prefers to direct their attention on the most fundamental answers as to why a particular responsibility is ideal. After listening to others explain the rationale behind rules, VFELs have no problem executing and enforcing these new found rules. VFELs spend the most time considering the physical demands and emotional effects of their personal aims.

2F – Flexible Physics

VFELs tend to give great advice on aesthetics while refusing to promote one style over the other. They wish to keep an open mind, so all options are on the table when deciding how to manage the environment. They place equal importance on the opinion of others as their own when it comes to tastes. This type understands how to appear presentable, especially towards their work colleagues. VFELs are tolerant of most aesthetics unless it is offensive to their surrounding culture or environment. This type often takes control of the priorities of people around them unless it relates to their physical health. They tend to talk about their purchases in depth and enjoy sharing tips and tricks they’ve gathered from adventuring through the commercial world. VFELs are always expanding their arsenal of possessions, often without regard for detailed information regarding the products. This type openly receives criticism about their hygiene and tidiness and they make attending to these a part of their responsibility.

3E – Insecure Emotion

VFELs can feel insecure in showing their emotions. They may need time or to be talked through these emotions before feeling ready to express them. If VFELs don’t have an outlet to express themselves, they can go on emotional tirades where they criticize the characters of everyone around them. However, these outbursts can fill VFELs with regret. This type may try to rectify their issues by adopting different responsibilities in a hope to improve their emotional state. VFELs fear that their indecision in person to person interactions will hinder their motivation to fulfill obligations, so they often leave their vulnerabilities locked inside. They are not sure how to interpret the emotional intent behind statements and they appreciate people who first ask how they feel about them. This type spends so much time pinpointing their emotions that they can fully neglect the “why” and “how” of their thoughts. This can sometimes lead the VFEL to use drugs and develop poor habits to cope with uncomfortable emotions.

4L – Unbothered Logic

VFELs are open to the logical principles of others. They do not see the point of arguing without agreeing on what they perceive the correct answer to be. This type would rather listen to the conclusions of experts than waste time thinking through complex nuances. This is because VFELs believe the experts have spent enough time on the subject to offer worthy insight so they don’t have to waste time themselves. VFELs feel the full force of their willpower when they make decisions without dwelling on what they must know. It becomes obvious to VFELs which facts are true when they implement them in reality. In order to change their mind, someone must present them with better evidence than what they’ve experienced. VFELs feel more in control of their emotions once they adopt a solid, efficient logical structure to the world. So long as they see an end goal to the energy they place into things, they feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

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