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EFLV - The Satirist

EFLV is the Attitudinal Psyche type most known for extremely upbeat, fun and poetic use of language. They are quick to understand the nuances of the physical world and can colorfully engage in the present unlike any other type. They know exactly how objects and reality feed into human emotions without taking themselves too seriously. For this reason, they tend to be over-represented in comedy. EFLV’s linguistic skills lend to their pin-point accuracy in categorizing their experiences. They have a knack for bringing the external world to life through expression and creativity. You can see this in their cooking skills, intellectual interests and health regiments. EFLVs are able to recreate the physical world in a way that no other type is, whether it be funny, creative or otherwise deeply emotional. EFLVs believe that logic is only one part of the picture to reality. This type may sometimes mock those who put forth their logical opinions too seriously. EFLVs can at times feel uninterested in their goals until they serve a purpose and can be quickly incorporated into their lives. They may challenge people’s deeply held beliefs through humor and comedy.

1E – Confident Emotion

EFLVs are easily enthused by other people and situations. Each new experience they come across contributes to the vast number of stories this type has built up over time. They tend to move from idea to idea in order to constantly have something entertaining on their minds. Appreciation of their surroundings is high on their list of conversation topics. They find it easy to express exactly how they feel about what is happening in their environment. EFLVs can sometimes be totally dismissive or skeptical of others emotions. They may choose to express this dismissal or keep it quiet as they don’t like to cause a scene unless it stands in as an outlet for humor. Regardless of their expression, they instantly trust what they feel and come to terms with it quickly.

2F – Flexible Physics

EFLVs have an open and accepting attitude of the many possibilities in the physical world surrounding them. They can fully immerse themselves in all the pleasures of the world while encouraging others to do so as well. They may hold extreme emotions towards their desires in the world which can lead to a risk of addiction with this type. However, the constant assessing of bodily stimuli generally keeps them ever changing and free from negative addictions. EFLVs are quite laid back when it comes to what they should or shouldn’t be doing regarding their goals and life aspirations, so this never makes them feel too stressed to change up their appearance or aesthetic. They have an easy time making fun of their own misadventures or flaws. When they are feeling negative or over-dramatic, they’ll usually find a way to vent this while making sure it doesn’t cause too much conflict.

3L – Insecure Logic

EFLVs may fall into occasional skepticism of what is logically correct. They tend to trust their own judgments of logic and may instantly adhere to whatever emotion crops up when feeling stifled by rules or logical limits. This type doesn’t often trust the realm of logic and sometimes mocks those who make outrageous logical claims. However, due to their forgiving and generally trusting nature, they may hide their skepticism and instead play a jester role in pretending to be less intelligent or knowing than they are. They are the masters of satire. Some may pretend to be illogical to pull negative emotions out of people as this is an attempt to demonstrate irony within the connection between emotions and logic. Others may push for political and social change by behaving sardonically. Either way, EFLVs express what is personally meaningful through argumentation. This type is prone to playing devil’s advocate and keeping their true motives unknown when challenged.

4V – Unbothered Volition

Though this type is laid back about their aspirations, this doesn’t mean they aren’t hard working. So long as they have a specific goal in mind they will do what it takes to reach this, especially if any confidants are cheering them on. When it comes to conflict, EFLVs can receive extensive criticism without breaking down or taking offense as they are accepting of information that may better their identity as a whole. They tend to not fight back as they realize this will make the situation worse. This is rather odd for a confident emotion type and unique to the EFLV. They may look to their trusted sources for advice on making tough situations better. The preferred method for the EFLV comes in the form of “comedic relief.”

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