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ELFV - The Chronicler

ELFVs are the most creative and poetic type. They are attuned to all things artistic and highly emotional. ELFVs excel at creating large libraries of information based on whatever it is they’ve experienced in life. They believe that any emotional experience can be explained by anyone through theoretical means. They tend to feel at ease sharing all the journeys they are on and how or why they are who they are. They can give vast details of power struggles between two parties while relaying their personal opinions and insight into how a situation has transpired. This type wants to vocalize their inner worlds in a way that brings a provocative awareness to others. ELFVs tend to be selective of what activities they decide to embark on, as they are deeply opinionated about their relationships with others. Though sometimes insecure about their looks and ability to take care of themselves, ELFVs still try their best to continue learning about the best version of themselves they can be.

1E – Confident Emotion

ELFVs believe that their emotions are the foremost important part of their psyche. They do not hold back from letting others know how they feel and will often use logical explanations to justify this. They can get lost in a world of fantasy, where all things are possible. This type may have a tough time separating fantasy from reality when they get sucked into a story or certain frame of mind. ELFVs are always at the cutting edge of the creative realm and can usually create novel ideas with ease. They believe all emotions are acceptable within themselves and this may result in rapidly shifting mood swings. ELFVs can tend to discredit others’ opinions when it involves their own expressions but don’t often verbalize this due to the desire to remain at peace with those around them.

2L – Flexible Logic

ELFVs are flexible when it comes to their intellectual ideas and logical analyses. They are extremely open and honest about their belief systems and can bend to the curiosities of others when discussing logic. This type analyzes all things happening around them and can retell it in great detail. They are true story tellers. ELFVs may even spice up conversation with personal anecdotes and creative visions that they’ve found to be exciting. They rarely impose their political and scientific views on others and instead encourage those around them to build up their own arsenals of logic. They desire others to use their intellectual curiosity to finish their goals and quench their emotions. ELFVs do not mind being viewed as unintelligent. In fact, they can “play dumb” just to hear others opinions on subjects of personal significance. They look for opportunities to help those who are less secure about their intellect as they believe everyone is deserving of education and freedom to make mistakes.

3F – Insecure Physics

ELFVs tend to have strong reactions to the physical world and do not hesitate to express this, sometimes dramatically. They do not like to participate in any sort of violence or physical altercations and believe that it should be avoided at all costs. ELFVs may slip into neurotic worrying of their environment, constantly cleaning, tidying up, measuring food portions and updating their practical strategies. They believe being vigilant of their hygiene will keep them from falling into physical despair or pain. This type can aim for physical perfection and use others as a feedback system to keep up to standard as to what is aesthetically and physically pleasing. They are always open to information and tips on how to live a better daily life, so long as they aren’t harshly judged. However, if too much anxiety and neuroticism plagues the ELFV, they can completely shut out any thoughts of their physical self and retreat into their creative mind.

4V – Unbothered Volition

ELFVs have a nonchalant attitude about responsibilities and are not constantly looking to create energy needed to further their goals. They rather prefer to quickly identify a goal and incorporate it into their normal creative process. They do not need to have accomplished much to feel successful. The mere fact that they can think deeply and get what it is that they emotionally desire is enough to make them feel that they are at the top of a hierarchy. ELFVs tend to figure out quite early what they are good at and will stick to this for large portions of their lives. If someone else wants to give them advice on how to better accomplish goals and press themselves, they take what makes the most sense and apply it. ELFVs may push others to confirm they are valued so that they can focus on more important issues at hand. They are rarely offended when teased or criticized for their lack of absolute ambition and may even join along in self-deprecation. Deep down, they understand that their mind is a philosophical place and that is enough to carry them through any of life’s demands.

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