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VFLE - The Firestarter

VFLEs are the Attitudinal Psyche type most apt to willfully chase after their goals. There is little that can stop a VFLE who has decided exactly what they want to achieve.

This type tends to be highly energetic and attentive to what is changing in their environment. They love to be challenged by the skeptics as this only adds fuel to their fire.

They exude a confidence that clearly demonstrates to people they can be trusted to get the job done whenever it comes up. This type has an aware sense of style, practicality, mood and environment.

Though VFLEs are not too emotional, whenever they have identified an emotion they quickly move towards satisfying the inner feeling.

This type may fall into pitfalls of paranoia regarding their own intellect and mental abilities. They have a hard time trusting their perception at times and generally try to outsource this insecurity to their willingness to get their hands dirty.

VFLEs are captivated by those who are confident in openly expressing their emotions. This type prefers not to waste much time exploring their own emotions, so it’s appreciated when others can cover this weakness for them.

1V – Confident Volition

VFLEs are one of the most aggressive types. They rarely need help identifying their own goals and inner desires. They tend to believe their own character is exactly how they’ve built it to be.

This type may overestimate their ability to identify others’ goals and potential but don’t spend much time addressing that with others. Instead, they will generally act on what they believe is the best answer to fix problems regarding others lack of action or volition.

VFLEs can sometimes completely erase whatever identity they had previously identified with in order to be exactly what they want to be. They effortlessly travel between ideals and quickly take up leadership positions of authority without hassle, even when they are not formally in charge.

This type wants to be the living, walking example of their ideals. The VFLE’s motto is “Your dreams will come true if you just do it.”

2F – Flexible Physics

VFLEs tend to enjoy talking about their surroundings and comforts. They can kick back and become hedonistic about their physical desires.

They are great at giving advice on how to be more practical and reasonable about living spaces, diet and style.

VFLEs tend to enjoy picking out accessories that are comfortable and attractive to everyone. They gather opinions of people around them to understand what is most pleasing to each person’s tastes and preferences. They use this data to constantly improve their senses and abilities to organize the physical world in more meaningful ways with the people around them.

VFLEs love to teach others how to organize their lives in order to succeed. They can endlessly talk about food preferences, style, practical skills, and aesthetics.

Any emotional feedback from others regarding these ideas is encouraged by the VFLE.

3L – Insecure Logic

VFLEs feel like they have a right to ask questions about any logical topic. A true skeptic, they refuse to back down when they believe logic is not explaining the entire picture of an experience.

They may come off as overly confident in the logical realm, though the internal experience does not match. They are skeptical of self-appointed intellectuals.

VFLEs believe you should be open to changing your mind about your investments at all times. They see logic as an ever changing arena that can never be pinned down, so it’s best to dig deeper to realize what’s happening under the surface.

Due to a vulnerability regarding their intellect, they believe they can use their unending willpower to best respond to changing rules and regulations.

They do not like to philosophize unless it directly deals with their current life goals, as they feel experts must be a part of their trade rather than just talking about it. If something is too outside of the box of their current understanding, they question it and appreciate anyone who can explain the logic of the new idea.

4E – Unbothered Emotion

VFLEs don’t often express their emotions or believe they have much access to their feelings.

They can be very confrontational but it’s usually only to point out the errors of their counterparts while disregarding emotions in the situation. They attend to their emotions if the result will help them spend their time on the right goal or physical need.

They tend to be receptive to harsh opinions and emotional critiques from others and can also become embarrassed if they’re not acting properly.

This type can be somewhat uninterested in spending time figuring out their own emotions and genuinely appreciate when someone reminds them of which feelings and expressions matter in life. This type wants to clarify how their emotional states impact the achievement of their goals in the most efficient way possible.

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