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VLFE - The Pathfinder

VLFE is the attitudinal psyche type most willing to dive into new and cutting edge endeavors. They tend to be long-term thinkers who constantly assess what exactly it is they want out of life.

The focus on their own particular desires lends itself to the entrepreneurial mind of the VLFE. They will often attain high level positions in their careers in order to affect change in whichever way they desire. VLFEs have an innate awareness of how to climb the hierarchical ladder in a career or academic setting.

Consequently, VLFE is one of the most common types found in leadership. Tactical thinking comes easily for this type, which makes them fierce competitors to those who wish to engage.

Though academia is the main domain of the VLFE, having a highly competitive nature results in them being one of the few types with low physics to excel in professional sports. In comparison to other 3F types, they are the most represented in this domain.

1V – Confident Volition

A hallmark attitude of the VLFE is one of desiring to learn from their mistakes. They place a strong emphasis on not being afraid to get one’s hands dirty and improving from raw experiences.

Failures are used as leverage and fuel for fanning the immense flames of their willpower.

This type’s focus on how they have managed to get where they are in the world from beginning to end gives them the ability to mentor others with step-by-step analyses. You may often find VLFEs giving entrepreneurial lectures on what it takes to succeed in various matters.

Not only do they excel at verbal lectures, but they are well known for their ability to write academically

2L – Flexible Logic

VLFEs are brought to life by new endeavors. Anything they can sink their teeth into or be challenged to solve will immediately pulse on their internal radar.

They love to be demanded to logically explain how things operate. VLFEs prefer to constantly search for new hierarchies to climb as this demonstrates their inner desire to create, then deconstruct. This desire may not even involve external hierarchies, and instead, be an internal experience of challenging their own identity to push further.

However, all of the attention given to the logistics of reality can cause them to forget about the emotional human touch that brings ideas to life. They may completely repress any sort of emotions or feelings they have when it comes to people and ideas.

Despite this tendency, VLFEs are not emotionless. They may be excellent at expressing themselves so long as it’s directly aiding a point they’re trying to prove.

3F – Insecure Physics

VLFEs may struggle when it comes to being comfortable with their bodies or material surroundings. They tend to worry and obsess over crowded spaces or lack thereof. They may spend hours trying to replicate a style or aesthetic that they believe looks acceptable to others.

Some VLFEs completely bask in material possessions, while others find it repulsive to become too attached to the physical world. Nonetheless, their attitude towards the material world will always hold some sort of anxious energy.

Traveling and trying to incorporate a routine can be a headache for VLFEs. Generally, this type never shies away from discussing with others the tenants of materialism and their own philosophy regarding this concept. They truly wish to analyze and coalesce with others on these topics.

4E – Unbothered Emotion

VLFEs are great at logically negotiating their desires but they may buckle when it comes to their own emotions or being put under the microscope of emotional pressure.

If there is any sort of expectation to produce emotional content without there being an objective point, the VLFE will reply in a very negative fashion. Though, if given their own freedom and choice of when and how to express, they are more than happy to oblige about what emotions mean to them.

VLFEs can spend large amounts of time genuinely listening to others who confidently express themselves. They enjoy understanding how their emotional desires can promulgate the bigger picture of their self-image.

This type believes the emotions of others offer the deepest look into human psychology and prefer not to waste time scanning their own. So long as there is no emotional expectation placed on the VLFE, they will quickly and precisely decide what their emotions mean to the greater scheme of their goals.

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