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Social Eight: “Solidarity” (countertype)

Energetic, kindhearted, pure heart and caring personality. Oriented towards loyalty, friendship and sincere innocence. They express lust and aggression in the service of life and other people.

Nurturing, protective, and concerned with the injustices that happen to people. Overall, this 8 appears more mellow and outgoing and less quick to anger than the other 8s. They tend to satisfy themselves or be critical in less obvious ways. They are very active, and they may lose themselves through constantly being in action. They may display a disproportionate lust for projects or for having things like money or food.

This is the kind of 8 that listens to your needs and sufferings, cares about your pain for short periods of time, and then, out of innocence and friendship, tries to guide you to the pleasure and fun. They don’t give time or attention to problems deeply, they like to be simple and easy. So they make you avoid focusing on sentimentality. SO8s like the power a group offers, and they may have difficulty engaging in more "individualized" relationships. In extreme cases, this 8 can tend toward megalomania.

These 8s typically lose consciousness of their own needs for health and care. While people with this 8 subtype develop a strong ability to befriend people and protect others, they unconsciously forget their own need for security and replace it with a compensatory movement toward danger, adventure, risks and pleasure. They rarely shows nervousness or fear and they want challenges, and dynamic changes within their own world. Can be a pacifist.

More loving of optimism, acception of change, tolerance and faith. Easily impressed by idealism and novelty. Gentle nature but can explode and seek revenge. Usually possessing no negative feelings or thoughts, no preconceptions or impressions of reality. Lives according to the harmony and immediate energy of things, how they are working and what people feel like doing.

Challenges themselves and immerses themselves into adventures. Strongly believes in repaying debts and making proper exchanges, negotiations and trading. The genuine compassion for others and love of life in its most simple nature of the SO8 is occasionally powerful enough that the SO8 tends to unconsciously energize people, to change their character. The essence here is companionship and contact.

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