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Self-Preservation Eight: “Satisfaction”

Intolerance of frustration, they have a hard time being patient when it comes to not getting immediate satisfaction of their needs or immediate concretization of their expectations. This intolerance creates a kind of ruthlessness in these 8s about going after what they want and finding ways to get around people who might stand in their way.

Very direct, does not talk nor reason about things much—they know how to get things done without a lot of fuss or explanations. The SP8 is not very familiar with romance although may be extremely sexual and grounded, excessive and childish. Love and passionate attachment are foreign things and sentiments are not really felt, the SP8 is not really expressive or used to feeling and thinking about things. They just crave, go and get.

They lie and interact with people, making exchanges, trades and exploitation of them in order to satisfy their desires and urges. Or they may be honest and commanding people, making critical commentary and demanding things. They are materialistic and too physical, they accumulate experiences and seeks new experiences, more of the old and more of the possible.

Ethical behaviour manifests within ambients of work and competence. Out of survival or satisfaction, they work and work and work. Money and wealth are not really necessary, fun and buying things, getting pleasure and experiencing are considered more fundamental.

They feel omnipotent in being able to do things and meet any need and goal, and they disqualify any feeling, person, idea, or institution that opposes them. They excel at generating the material support they need to survive. They know how to barter and bargain and get the upper hand over anybody.

Because they are strong, powerful, direct, and productive, they may generate dependency in others who come to rely on their control and protection. In their urge to have their desires completed and fulfilled, they may devalue the world of feelings. And they may not be aware of the damage they cause to others.

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