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Sexual Eight: “Possession”

Provocative and artistic people who express lust through open expression and charisma, lechery, envy and jealousy - through declaring in word and deed of their sentiments and rage. Along with being the most stubborn and “self-righteous” of the 8 subtypes, the SX8 is also the most romantic, “limbic”, in a sense of collecting and experiencing feelings and thoughts.

They can often be contradictory and end up on hypocrisies or mythomania and tsundere-isms. Outspoken, they tend not to feel any remorse over the things they do. They are tyrannical, likes bullying and demanding, overjudging and criticizing. They have a charismatic and sentimental dominance, taking over the whole environment and even the hearts of people – intimidating or inspiring them.

There is an energetic capture and prison of people’s attention and behaviour. They dictate what people should do and should not do. They achieve and become the center of the situations, the body that moves reality and creates entropy. There is a certain possessiveness and ownership of specific people, the SX8 induces themselves in having people belonging to them, sort of toys.

They don't want to lose control of anything or anyone, and they want to influence people with their words. Everything-- whether it is a person or a material thing- is an object to possess. These 8s don't seek material security; rather, they seek to get power over people, things, and situations. More colors in their feathers; they are more magnetic.

These 8s look voraciously for love in distorted ways and twisted manners, every action or judgement may be an act of love. They are the most artistic and creative 8s, the kind of 8 to be highly interested in the exploration and depth of humanity, feelings, thoughts, senses, impressions and intentions. In romantic settings, SX 8s may encourage their partners to become very dependent on them or to treat them as the energetic center of their lives. They demand loyalty, but may not be faithful in return.

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