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Social Five: “Totem”

For SO5s, the passion of avarice is connected to science and the diferente, the novel and unknown. These 5s don't need the nourishment relationships provide because their passion for knowledge somehow compensates for what they might get from direct human contact. It's as if they have an intuition that they can find everything they need through the mind. Needs (for people and for emotional sustenance) get displaced into a thirst for knowledge.

There is also an unconscious anti-mainstream behaviour, of searching the not so popular and the not so common. What no one knows, what is not normal, this 5 tends to live whole days in this process of searching (extremely asocial SO5). Or, this 5 tends to socialize and be out there in the world in some manner, getting to know and live new experiences with people, but still within security and their control (a friendly SO5).

This 5 is magical in some sense, they seek the extraordinary and the divine, idealization and avarice about ideas, concepts, it is the realm of idealism and active thinking, reasoning. SO5 may guard to themselves certain beliefs and supernatural or divine intuitions. They accumulate symbols and understanding. The most wise, mature and “social” 5. For them, avarice gets acted out through a greedy search for the ultimate ideals that will provide a sense of meaning by connecting them to something special, thereby elevating their life.

The SO5's passion is the need for the essential, the sublime, or the extraordinary instead of what is here and now. In line with this need for relationships based on shared ideals, SO5s have a tendency to look upward, toward higher values. Super-ideals.

SO5s prefer not to feel. They can be mysterious and inaccessible, or fun and intellectually engaging. They may hide out in the pose of an expert, and they tend to have a sense of omnipotence through the exercise of their intellect. These fives may imagine that they are superior or inferior to others because of the different amount of knowledge.

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