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Self-Preservation Five: “Castle”

Psychologically (and sometimes physically), SP5s build thick walls to protect themselves from the world and from other people. This personality is the clearest expression of the archetype of isolation and introversion. They have a need to be able to hide behind boundaries they can control, and to know they have a place of safety they can retreat to, in order to avoid feeling lost in the world.

In focusing on finding shelter, they learn to survive inside walls - and they want to have everything inside those walls so that they don't have to venture out into the world. To them, the external world can seem hostile, inadequate, and brutal. In relationships with others, SP5s avoid creating expectations or dependent relationships. They also avoid conflict, which is another way they detach from people.

They do, however, typically experience a strong sense of attachment to a few places and people. To prevent conflict and manage contact with others, they may adapt to fit in to not be seen. These 5s hold objects of the past, nostalgic materials.

They cling to resources and only walk around where they feel safety. Certain possessions that they have are always protected in order to not be violated. There is a hatred and antipathy towards physical touch. In the area of grounded reality and survival, the 5 avoids hugs and kisses, avoids touching on people and avoids being close. They want to observe and study in security, so they keep in check the distance between themselves and people overall.

Usually, the 5 has a hipersensitivity when it comes to tangible reality. Sounds, light, touch, everything drives the 5 anxious and a little insecure. The world itself gives a sensation of vulnerability.

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