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Sexual Five: “Confidence” (countertype)

Emotionless looking person. The SX5 represents the personality within relationships: a silent and reserved person who has a pessimistic way of thinking and low confidence, even to the point of belittling themselves.

They easily cling to a specific favorite person and devote themselves to that person. Love is extremely idealized and passionate, but never expressive. In the SX5, avarice is expressed through an ongoing search for a connection that will satisfy their need for an experience of the most different, safest, and most satisfying (idealized) union.

This 5 may look like the other two 5 subtypes on the outside, having all the regular five inhibitions and introversion in the area of relationship, but the SX5 places a special value on one-to-one or intimate connections. In contrary to their reserved self, they can talk in a straightforward manner and doesn't hesitate to confront others, highly confident in the struggles and conflicts between them and other people (if these persons are not loved).

They can also be also slightly possessive and overall they get pouty whenever another person gets a little too close for comfort with their loved ones. The SX5's search for a high exemplar of connection is so exacting that it's very hard to pass their test with consistency if you are the person in relationship with them. It's very easy for the SX5 to be disappointed. This subtype has such a great need to trust in the other that the need is not easily satisfied, and so there can be a lot of testing in their relationships.

This 5, distinct from the SP5, does not focus much on the protection of material resources and objects, nostalgic places and home. The concentration of SX5 is directed towards the protection of loved ones and relationships, human bonds they developed.

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