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Social Four: “Shame”

Imaginative and oriented towards self-deceit. Imagines scenarios, usually of happier possibilities and is usually insightful when it is about life and deep meaning. Looks for emotional connections with people and society, groups and tasks. Idealizes a certain social role or importance, thinks of themselves as incomplete therefore permanently damaged. Deep desire to be recognized by their own character, they want to be loved and seen.

Soft spots on the personality. Often appears to be a kind yet troubled person. The SO4 appears emotionally sensitive (or oddly knowledgeable), feels thing deeply, and suffers more than most people. For this 4 , there is a desire to be witnessed and praised. They hope that if their suffering is sufficiently recognized and understood, they might be forgiven for their failures and deficiencies and loved unconditionally.

Understands themselves as the victim and the one to blame, laments and gets involved with political scenarios, movements and social rebellion. May be solitary and lonely, induces themselves in self-sabotage and deceit, confusion and creation of narratives. They believe that their suffering is also what makes them unique and special- there is a kind of seduction of others through suffering.

Whereas envy motivates SP4 to work to get what they want, it motivates SO4 to focus on their emotional dissatisfaction and internal lack. For the SO4 there is a sense of comfort and familiarity in suffering- the sweet sadness of poetry, the rich meaning and painful beauty in melancholic music- and an unconscious hope that their suffering will somehow redeem them.

Insightful and self-critical. For this subtype, there is a need for self-abasement and self-recrimination, for turning against oneself, for self-weakening. The SO4's envy is expressed through a passion for comparing oneself with others and winding up in the lowest position. “There's something wrong with me”, a poor self-image that they themselves perpetuate. They also engage in self-sabotage a lot: they regularly underestimate themselves and always feel “less than” in comparison to others.

The SO4 may evoke a response in others that makes them want to ask, “What's wrong with you that you think there's something wrong with you?” A person with this subtype may be competent, attractive, and intelligent, and yet still tend to focus on and identify strongly with suffering and a sense of deficiency.

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