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Self-Preservation Four: “Tenacity” (countertype)

Although this 4 experiences envy like the other 4s, they communicate their envy and suffering to others less than the other two subtypes do. Instead of talking about their suffering, the SP4 is “long-suffering” in the sense of learning to endure pain.

They are strong in the face of their pain and works to achieve what they need. Instead of hanging out in their longing in a way that prevents them from taking action, they strive to get “those distant things” that give them the feeling of being able to obtain that which was lost. Whatever they get, however, never feels like enough. SP4 do not communicate sensitivity, suffering, shame, or envy, though they may feel all these things and they have the same depth and capacity for feeling as any 4. They learn to swallow a lot without complaining.

Endurance is a virtue for them, and they hope their self-sacrifices will be recognized and appreciated. Their willingness to suffer without complaint is their way of seeking redemption without talking about them, hoping that others will see this, admire them for it, and help them to meet their needs. Instead of displaying the need to suffer, they have a tendency to deny their envy and bear too much suffering and frustration as a result.

They demand a lot of themselves and get immersed in self-criticism at times. They have a strong need to endure, so they develop an ability to take infinite amounts of pain. They put themselves in situations that are tough. They test and challenge themselves. SP has a passion for effort- they engage in intense activity, and may often appear strained and tense. They may experience distress if their activity level slows down, and they can be compulsive about making efforts to achieve what they need to survive, even if their efforts don't take them anywhere.

In some cases, they may not know how to live without the stress and pressure they put on themselves. They don't allow themselves the experience of living in or from their fragility. This 4 can be a humanitarian justice-maker or an over-participative person, a perfectionistic “philosopher” and other manifestations.

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