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Sexual Four: “Competition”

Obsessed with and desperate for recognization, steals, lies and works in order to get the acknowledgement they desperately crave. Self-loathing, obssessive-compulsive. Usually carries a trauma or deep scar within their own personality and self.

Tries to impress specific people and achieves things in order to be accepted within society. Wants to be loved and understood. Possesses a great deal of intense rage and emptyness, owing to the various traumatic, humiliating or sad, shameful experiences they has endured over the course of their life.

Never satisfied with what they have, wants to live and receive, strives to get while also projecting pain and suffering towards the external world. Easily gets obssessed with dealing revenge and delivering agony against those who hurt them. Tends to blame themselves and/or blame everyone else. Feels an urge to make fun of people and inferiorize them in order to cope with their own complex and emotional problems. Addiction is venting. Openly expressive about their pain or may be inconsistent, like faking and trying to convey images they wanted to be.

Thinks of themselves in terms of superiority, tries to imagine themselves as capable, wants to understand their own entity as likeable and admirable, deserving of envy. Faith is not unshakable here, they occasionally find themselves doubting and worrying too much. They have odd habits and odd ways when forming bonds with people. They lust over objects or persons to use them as reasons and meaning behind their actions and personality overall.

They accumulate pride (and maybe knowledge), wants everyone around them to know them and what they “are”. Insults the intelligence of people. Comes across to others as proud and calculating, with a very high opinion of both their appearance and their skill. Stubborn and finds it difficult to express their true feelings to others. All of the personality is always a front, deep inside they are snapping and breaking apart, vulnerable and extremely paralyzed at times. They rationalize everything though. Intrusive, violent, competitive, arrogant, antipathy and rivalry are the main traits. The SX4 usually expresses a certain sexuality or limbic attachment to idealized partners.

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