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Social One: “Non-adaptability”

This subtype is the ultimate personification and determination towards perfection, SO1 naturally focuses more on being the perfect example for others of the right way to be. Not an internally anxious person that tries to do things perfectly, neither someone with a moral code and arrogance, but rather a paragon of correct conduct and a crusader, someone with a mission in mind.

There is a neurotic need to avoid “Do as I say, not as I do” (the SX1 mentality) and “I do what people expect me to do” (the SP1 mentality) and focus more on being an example, a teacher, an ideal. The tendency of this character is to rigidly adhere to particular ways of being and doing things, therefore no one in the world can change the SO1’s mindset.

There is a sentiment of wisdom and maturity, because anger is half-hidden, it is always transformed into cold harmony. Anger and perfectionism can manifest as overconfidence and calm temperament, an elimination of all reactions and excess (heartless) or passionate arrogance, pride, righteousness, intellectual or political domination, an ownership of everything. A person of this subtype may purposely not adjust to changing times or customs and does not question himself. Persistence and strong will is essential.

They separate themselves from the crowd because they are perfect and therefore superior, they take the role of leader (7). There is amounts of knowledge and insight, intuition and intellect (4). Thus, the SO1 often has a 5-ish temperament. They are great reasoners and will argue their point energetically. They dominate through making the other person wrong, and it can be hard to convince them of the validity of a competing point of view. Their righteousness and attitude can be extremely intimidating and often unforgiving of failures (heartless) or mourning-ish, forgiving, comprehensive and patient (sentimental).

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