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Self-Preservation One: “Worry”

Anger in this subtype is not clearly expressed as what it naturally is, the SP processes sentiments according to a set of expectations or duties. Anger can manifest as stoicism, cold and robotic behaviour, or, it can manifest as warmth, love and friendly behaviour.

Personality here is either calm or soft. SP1 usually acts supportive and gentle, they pay attention to their surroundings, people and objects. Survival and tradition is transformed into obedience to rules, seeking to adapt to their obligations and compulsive orientation towards tasks. Under pressure or privacy, they may become honest and more sincere, expressing their anger and emotions they usually avoid.

This subtype has a need to plan everything out and a compulsion to try to have everything under control. They are protective about most things, very concerned and anxious about the conservation or preservation of things. They represent stability and responsibility. This 1 has an ongoing sense that anything could go wrong at any minute, manifesting as a tendency to be blunt and point out faults in other people without consideration or active self-blame and attempts to find mistakes, errors and imperfections where there is no problem.

Respect and guilt, worship, loyalty, inferiority complex, unnecessary attention to minimal details and particular qualities, idealization and striving, are all common aspects of SP1. An elegant and dignified appearance or perfect civilian, there is a repression of expressions, like covering a laughter. Perfectionism can manifest as competitive behaviour, in order to prove perfection. Can be a person who is always ready to help everyone in need. SP usually does not lie or rationalize much, I think. Honest communication is common.

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