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Sexual One: “Zeal” (countertype)

Hostility, sharp tongue, confrontation, rude and undeniably short-tempered. An overbearing perfectionist inclined to completely disregarding the opinions of people, very prone to rationalization and lying.

Anger may manifest as coldness and lack of sympathy, competition and obssessive-compulsive practice, training (heartless) or “romantic” feelings, emotional storms, having fun, coping mechanisms such as doing “wrong” things (sentimental). The wrong-doings this 1 does is not against society’s laws but against a personal code, it is just opposing an expectation or random obligation, like procrastination and lazyness: it can be similar to 4’s over-reasoning or 7 ’s escapism and arrogance.

The Sexual One is childish, does not control his frustration, expressing his thoughts openly. Tends to mock or insult people (tsundere-isms). This 1 has an overwhelming expectation of things, prone to idealization and addictions, or, in other route, hipocrisy and severe contradiction, inconsistency. If the SP1 represents reaction formation and responsibility, SX1 represents rationalization and invasive reformation or correction of imperfections. There is a sense of entitlement and freedom in possessiveness, there is no guilt in doing what you believe that you can do. “I have a right to it" or “I have to improve it to make it the way I know it should be" are representations of this subtype.

They may be containing a murderous rage that they cannot see and they idealize themselves as strong, capable. Emotional responses like pain and sorrow are repressed the most and they may act out their unacknowledged pain by leading a double life or immersion in addictions. There is a strong need for order in relationships. This order may be determined by a moral code of conduct, which holds the SX 1 ’s sentimentality together.

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