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Social Seven: “Sacrifice” (countertype)

Gluttony may be difficult to recognize in SO7s because they strive to hide it in altruistic behavior. This purifies them of guilt and an attraction toward acting in their own self-interest. SO7s avoid focusing on their own self-interest or advantage by pursuing an ideal of themselves and the world. They sacrifice their gluttony to become a better person and to work for a better world in which there is no pain or conflict. They are easy-going and very inspiring, capable to make people safe and secure.

In their efforts to work against gluttony, SO7s can actually be too pure. Their efforts to attain purity can extend to worrying about habits and food, about certain behaviours people wouldn’t notice. They make a virtue of getting by on less for themselves. In trying to prove their goodness, they typically give resources and sentiments to others, trying to make them happy.

SO7s take on a lot of responsibility in the community and society, group of friends and the family. In doing this, they express a sacrifice of gluttony for the benefit of others. They postpone their own desires in order to enact an ideal of service. “Center-of-attention”. Tries to live up to the expectations of a “hero” that people and society have, or that special ones had.

But where is the ego reward in this seemingly pure, unselfish personality strategy? Part of the ego strategy of this subtype is that they want-crave-to be seen as good for their sacrifice. They have a hidden gluttony for the acknowledgment of their sacrifice-are hungry for love and recognition-and this hunger can be insatiable.

These 7s use their sacrifice to cover up defects and shortcomings and to invite recognition and admiration or love, because they don’t feel right legitimizing and acting on their desires and whims. Their sacrifice and service is the price they pay for their neurotic need for admiration. In addition to inspiring appreciation and recognition in others, SO7s want to have a good image, to reduce conflicts, and to create debts in others. However, these motivations can lead these 7 s to enter into relationships that are relatively superficial.

While they are drawn to alleviate others’ pain, they don’t like to feel it themselves, and so helping others may also be a way for them to project their pain somewhere outside themselves and try to relieve it at a safe distance. They are always doing for the other. This is an indulgent and generous character capable of managing projects and mobilizing energies for a particular purpose.

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