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Self-Preservation Seven: “Keepers of the Castle”

SP7s express gluttony through the formation of alliances. They typically collect around them a kind of family network, in the sense of banding together with trusted others and creating a good “mafia” or partisan group through which they can get their needs met.

They rely mostly on those they trust. These 7s create a kind of surrogate family of people they value—a family in which they typically occupy a privileged position. In order to achieve satisfaction of their own urges, they must operate in harmony with the ambient and people. Therefore, they organize and plan negotiations, trades and plans together with multiple kinds of people, reducing the amount of necessary efforts and simplifying things.

They are more grounded, more real and tangible, maybe even more sexual. They are often compulsive players and gamblers or workaholic professionals. The SP7 induces into addictions or multiple interests of knowledge. Very upbeat or calculist. Able to befriend those who previously disliked them.

May have a perfectionistic side when it comes to the order and doing of plans. Behavior can be immoral and depraved or civilized and normal. Compulsions are earthly, gluttony is more certain and concrete, inspired by “tangible” things (scamming casinos, for example). These 7s are very practical, good at networking, and skilled at getting what they want and finding a good deal; they tend to be opportunistic, self-interested, pragmatic, calculating, and clever. They readily recognize opportunities for creating an advantage for themselves. They find ways to get what they need and want, and they have an easy way of finding pathways to making things happen for themselves—whether it’s finding the right people, the most advantageous connections, or a fortuitous career opportunity.

They have their ears to the ground and are socially adept. These 7s make business connections and network easily because they are alert and mindful to the opportunities that come along that can support their survival and satisfy gluttony, inspire them. SP7s are cheerful and amiable, with traits that resemble a hedonistic, “playboy” or “playgirl” type. They tend to be warm, friendly, and talkative. One can associate this subtype with the trope of cat burglar too (Black Cat, Catwoman, lol). They can express a kind of greed and impatience that reflects their desire to consume as many pleasurable experiences as possible; they want to eat everything.

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