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Sexual Seven: “Suggestibility”

Slightly air-headed and “hot-tempered”. A bit too talkative with an overly carefree attitude. Ethereal, idealistic, imaginative, daydreaming, heavenly. Can be deeply obsessed with a certain emotion, can express multiple mood swings and unstable perceptiveness, suffering, living, experiencing or thinking about certain sentiments, ambitions and interests wholeheartedly. Can be highly intelligent in some manner, cunning, very impulsive.

Prone to “manipulating” (can be an attraction or enthusiastic nature solely) people. Falls madly in “love”, These 7s tend to look at things with the optimism of somebody who is in love. Everything looks better when you are in love, and the SX7 takes refuge in this kind of ideal, positive experience as a way of unconsciously avoiding what might be unpleasant in life. They focus on a highly positive view of life to distract themselves from the uncomfortable or scary emotions they would rather remain unaware of. In this way, SX7s express a need to fantasize, a need to dream, or a need for rose-colored glasses.

These 7s have a tendency to be too happy. They display a need to live in a charmed reality, to fantasize-to live in a world seen as an overcompensation that reflects an unconscious desire to deny or avoid the painful or boring or frightening parts of life. SX7s tend to experience an underlying fear of getting stuck in these kinds of feelings and so take refuge in optimism. Their personality has to do with being gullible, easy to hypnotize, and susceptible to the infection of enthusiasm or intense passions the surroundings and people might have.

They can naively believe that people are what they say they are, and they can be very trusting, seeing the world and people in beautiful, perhaps overly positive, terms. They display a prevalence of thought and imagination over feeling and instinct. They are verbose and excited by their own discourse, and their speech is characterized by a flow of “wonderful ideas and possibilities.” They are always smiling and thinking that they are happy, feeling high sentiments and being “drugged” into inspiration. Frequently seen blushing seemingly out of excitement. “Lovesickness”.

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