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Social Six: “Duty”

This subtype focuses on an attachment to a duty or a set of obligations, work and responsibility. They are brave persons who are always eager to prove their worth and ability in a certain area of skill, work, activity. They are either diligent and active or imaginative and proactive. The SO6 tends to hold a fanaticism about specific topics, usually associated with their duty.

They are the kind of people that save multiple notes and amounts of knowledge. They are usually great analytical and observant workers. Immersed into observations and planning of what things will be. Overthinking. Fascination and idealization, delusional attachment (differs from the SO5’s interest in the sense of directions, but may have the same magnitude). Devotion to a model, ideal or responsibility. Emulates many traits of authorities. They tend to keep themselves in their own mind, in a logical orientation, to formulate formulas and ideas.

Very religious and “heroic”. The essence here is to have a duty but not necessarily act according to it, just idealize and put it as meaning and purpose within life. Different from the SO5, the SO6 already has wordly ambitions and passions. Abstract reason and ideology are the core ideals. They focus on knowing what the benchmark is and on obeying the rules of the game. They feel a need to know all the points of reference-what the party line is, who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are.

Consciously or unconsciously, SO6s fear the disapproval of authorities and believe the way to be safe is to do the right thing as determined by an authority. And knowing what the right thing is means having clear rules that tell you how you should think and act. This orientation has the effect of developing the philosophical mind, because when you don't know how you should live-when you don't trust your intuition or your human sense of life to guide you-you have to become very intellectual. But this sense of duty also becomes a way to structure your life: someone gives you the rules, and you follow them.

The SO6 is very idealistic, structuring life through the adherence to high ideals. This is a character who holds tight to ideologies and a particular view of things as a way of feeling safe.

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