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Sexual Six: “Strength/Beauty” (countertype)

Rejection of fear and worry, transformation of anxiety and insecurity into pride and vanity, haughty perceptions and distortions of reality within their own conscience. Assumes that people did things they did not, projects doubts and thoughts into what is real, often seeing themselves as strong, beautiful, leaders.

They fear nothing and wrathfully react to things. They try to keep a calm and cold composture. Strong confidence in themselves and conviction in their actions, perceives people as subordinates and may be demanding of them, idealizes themselves and their partners or friends. Shows great respect and admiration for people if they decide that the persons are deserving of rewards.

Assumptions and assumptions, but the SX6 keeps his mind on logic and calculus. Attachment to power and tends to ponder about most things. Usually paranoic, suspiciousness is a characteristic trait of this subtype; the SX6 keeps an eye on his partners and friends, everyone and their own surroundings. SX6 wants to be able to tell if someone is hiding something from them or not. Tests the loyalty of people. Does not like lies. Dunning-Kruger effect may be common.

If the world is dangerous to the 6 overall, then the SP6 relies on people and relationships in order to feel safe, and the SX6 relies on himself and believes that he is an authority, or at least very capable of becoming one, therefore safety would be permanent. But it isn’t, and safety is often attacked by the possibility of people being enemies disguised as friends. So the SX6 can be quite asocial due to this.

Anxiety in this 6 is allayed by skill and readiness in the face of a possible attack. They often appear bold and even fierce. They go against danger assertively, and even aggressively, as a way of denying and coping with their (often unconscious) fear. They have a passion for searching for or securing a position of strength, power and control. These 6 s display a forcefulness that comes from not wanting to be weak, they avoid vulnerability and dislike being open to people. They are unfriendly at times.

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