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Social Three: “Prestige”

The SO3 has a desire to be seen and to have influence with people. This 3 acts out in vanity through the desire to shine before the whole world and dominate, control: SO enjoys being on stage and showing himself. This subtype is the most vain of the 3s, and the biggest chameleon.

This 3, more than the other two subtypes, likes to be recognized, so they tend to be more out in front, basking in the spotlight. SO3 is essentially socially brilliant. They know how to talk to people and how to climb the social ladder. These 3s feel a neurotic need to frame words carefully to get the maximum benefit whenever possible, which is measured in terms of making the right impression, getting what they want, and reaching their goals.

Their fuel is social success and position within society, they tend to lack specific objectives and dreams, and more like multiple passions or generalized desire of wanting to be on top, wanting to be important and powerful. Some show intelligence, culture, or class; others have degrees and titles; and others have material symbols of social status - a nice house, an expensive car, designer clothes, or expensive watches.

They tend to view themselves as superior and intelligent, smart. Many people will find them attractive, “sexy” in some manner, or perhaps knowledgeable and strong. They frequently smile or have fun, but these behaviours are possibly rarely genuine and real. Ambitious and one-track-minded, but tends to store feelings of inferiority and hatred towards those society or themselves deems as more capable.

They can be sadistic, competitive, cruelly taunting people. The SO3 is confident and workaholic, never stops to relax. Without goals, they’ll seek to gain status and money, political territory etc. Negotiation is characteristic. They manipulate images and surroundings for their own benefit, using everything useful for a certain dream. There is a repression and constant denial of sadness, shame. They do not express negative sentiments.

They tend to be demanding and authoritarian, though these characteristics may be hidden behind a presentation that is smooth, decorous, and humorous. SO3 may view others in terms of how they potentially further or block the process of reaching their goals. They look at things in terms of how they can exert control over them. Because they are good at numbing out their feelings, they can be cold.

They think about what is best for the group, especially in terms of what will sell. If a leader is not leading a group well enough, the SO3 can feel a strong desire to take over, as it can be frustrating for them to see the way forward and not be able to guide people in a more efficient or successful way.

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