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Self-Preservation Three: “Security” (countertype)

The SP3 works hard to achieve a sense of security, both in terms of material and financial resources and has an urge about knowing how to do things effectively and doing things exactly, without failure and error. They express a concern with security in that they have a need to feel autonomous and self-sufficient–to know how to take care of themselves and others.

This person emanates a sense of security; they are solid people who you might go-to for advice. They seem outwardly calm and organized, like they have it all together. They may be emotional deep inside, but they are always holding themselves and putting themselves in order, within harmony. They have a very wise and reserved kind of behaviour, often appearing calm and indiferent. Seems like the kind of person who's too serious about his work, but it is all about knowing how to separate sentimentalism from things.

Straight to the point and inclined to criticism of impractical things. Wants to believe that they never have been frustrated by their own uselessness or incompetence, but many failures haunt their conscience. These are assertive people who specialize in solving problems and getting things done in a high-quality way–and while they work very hard, they don't show their stress.

SP3 strives to be the ideal model of quality, efficiency, reality and image in whatever they do. They want to be the best model of how to be in whatever role they play: the best parent, the best worker, the best at whatever they do. They feel a need to be actually really good. They do this both to achieve a sense of security and to inspire admiration in others. They want to be admired because they do things well, and they want to do the things they do in the best way possible–not just to have a good image that people will find attractive, but also to live up to that image. Their tendency to adapt to a "model" also motivates them to forget their own feelings.

Following the perfect model of how things should be done means being virtuous, having no vanity, no failure, no imperfection or uselessness. They don't want others to catch them in the act of wanting or working to look good because they have an ethic that says that "good,” or virtuous, people are not vain. These are people who want to be so perfect that it's not in their code of honor to allow for problems, mistakes, excess and narcissism. They feel that they must be humble, victorious, genuine helpers and honest everyday civilians. There may be over-confidence and abstractions of themselves (storyteller) or sincere and realistic communication, adulthood and “parenting”, protection (truthteller).

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