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Sexual Three: “Charisma”

Energetic and charismatic personality. There is an optimism and willingness to accomplish everything they may wish, or anything that people wishes. Excited, loud, simple-minded and straightforward. Capable of reading social cues and be incredibly empathetic toward others' struggles, often says just what others need to hear to push themselves in the right direction.

Nothing will stop, everything must be working, the ambient needs energy and purpose. There is an intense love and seriousness when it comes to ambition. The SX3 always have an impressive display of constant desire to improve things, the abilities and skills he accumulates, the appearance he has. Fear of failure and mistake may lead to stress, anxiety, nervous compulsions. The SX3 usually has a memorized figure of perfection and ideal, becoming absurdly inspired to do the same that the figure does, to become the same that the figure is.

Society’s stereotypes, archetypes and beauty patterns are relevant, therefore the SX3 tends to adapt his appearance to these images. They refuse to give up and may practice until they achieve what they want. In this 3, vanity is being employed in the service of creating an attractive image and promoting important others, achieving success and admiration. They see their accomplishments in the successes and happiness of the people around them. The Sexual Three achieves within relationships and using relationships.

They tend to have social links and many relations, perhaps fan club. These 3s are pleasers and helpers; they tend to work hard for people, expending a lot of energy in the process, in order to be idealized and recognized. They have a fear of disappointing others, and so they justify themselves with excuses to avoid confrontation. People with this subtype may have fantasies about the "ideal partner," and they may want to change their partner to be like they would like him or her to be.

Love and many things are basically understood according to society’s collective ideas and images. SX3 tends to be oriented towards a family or team mentality. In this 3 , there is a sense of disconnection from feelings and from the real self. They often have no real contact with themselves or others. This disconnection is emotional, sexual, and physical.In some manner, they may be living within their own head (storyteller) or being something reality wants them to be.

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