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Social Two: “Ambition”

The SO2 is charming, outgoing, cheerful and friendly. The manifestation of repression and denial here is when even if they have sadness and frustration in their heart, they keep up a smile and inspired face. There is a sentiment of wanting to belong to the world and fit in. Usually ends up befriending anyone.

These 2s are experts at adjusting themselves to another person’s state of mind. They can be very determined when they set their mind to something, ambition is essential, therefore they can be concerned solely with the realization of their dreams: it depends on the polarity. The presence of a SO2 is always undeniable; those who meet them end up viewing them with either good will or animosity, with the former growing into trust or fellowship. A seducer of environments– someone who is good in front of groups and easily accepted by community.

The selfish SO2 has a passion for power, and their pride is expressed through having influence and advantages and cultivating an image of being an influential person. In the SO2, the passion of pride manifests itself as a sense of satisfaction in the conquest of an audience and camaraderie. Comradeship and ownership of a company are common traits.

Seduction operates in this case through the ability and knowledge or social links and “business partners”. This 2 can be a bit more reserved in comparison to the other subtypes. They are more attuned to the effective cultivation of a public image that conveys importance; this makes them good performers in front of an audience, but it also necessitates a greater level of privacy or removal when they are offstage.

They may appear enthusiastic, confident or overconfident-and even manic at times. They may express a sense of territoriality at times. They usually have a highly positive sense of everything, their world is usually very well colored. The SO2 tends to deny vulnerable emotions, such as shame, fear, despair, mistrust, jealousy, and envy.

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