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Sexual Two: “Seduction/Aggression”

This subtype is seductive and has a notable figure of adulthood. They can express two sides of personality: in work and duties, they are organized, independent and mature. In personal issues, romantic life and home, they can be messy, dependente and immature.

They are social, talkative, popular, people tend to lust over them. They attract and consequently create urges within people. They can seek affinity or avoid and cheat. The SX2 tends to be lonely and often has a history of multiple partners. They may have difficulty reaching out to people without the use of sexuality and tensions. Their adulthood can manifest as taking care over someone or being literally independent and capable of asserting will.

SX2 tends to be easily influenced by their romances. There is an open expression. of sentiments, but no exaggeration. They don’t cry or bark over people, their aura is distinctly superior. SX2 develops fear of losing people and desires “true love” at times, idealizing things in some manner.

SX2 feeds their pride through having somebody's passionate attachment. Attention of particular individuals is more valuable than attention of a community or self-love. SX2 transforms their need for love into false needs, whims, and a sense of entitlement to do what they please when they please, not asking but taking. This 2 solves the dilemma of having needs but not wanting to express them by having a strong bond with somebody who will give them anything they want.

Pride activates their impulse to inspire attraction in others so that they will give the Two whatever they want, though the Two's pride may not be so obvious if it is satisfied by "the loved one." There is a kind of "dangerous irresistibility" to this personality - no one can reject the SX2. Their attachment resembles a vampire, an attachment and romance that needs to wield power over you and could end up consuming you; it may end up on a Hedgehog's dilema: The SX2 is too aggressive and dangerous, when too close to someone, the person and the SX2 can hate each other and have conflicts.

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