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Fourth Emotion - The Onlooker

The Fourth Emotion manifests itself very smoothly and disinterestedly. Feelings are not an occasion for such a person to express themselves; she does not see this as a value. If she loves, then she does not shout about it. If suffering, then only inside. And at the same time, she does not experience any bifurcation.

They always find it easier to adjust to the emotional state of a partner than to set an emotional background. He does not impose his feelings on others and easily charges the emotions of other people. Near high Emotions, he can be very bright, next to the Third - silent. If such a person is left alone, he may not pay attention to his emotional state at all, just doing business.

The Fourth Emotion is able to smile where necessary, say a compliment, give an appropriate joke, even raise her voice. But all this happens for a short time to serve a purpose, and emotions go out as quickly as they arise. In fact, even more, indifferent than others, the Fourth Emotion continues to remain unaffected inside.

Fourth Emotion is able to adjust to any mood and take root in any team. She is omnivorous and “non-partisan” emotionally. They do not use Emotion as an instrument of influence. And she is not interested in engaging in an emotional dialogue. They do not care about the feelings of other people but do not hurt them consciously. She can hurt them only with his indifference.

Fourth Emotion is an impartial critic. Any artist, writer, or composer will find in her a grateful and adequate response since her criticism is very objective.

During puberty, the Fourth Emotion can be actively interested in creativity: dancing, poetry, singing. Then it usually passes, and it becomes itself - calm and uninvited.

The Fourth Emotion often does not produce itself but rather consumes artistic products. At the same time, she is interested in everything and does not have pronounced artistic preferences. But whether she is a poet, artist, or musician - she is able to work in various genres, she does not have a framework that is characteristic of higher Emotions.

If a person with Fourth Emotion chooses a creative field as her profession, then she still remains uninterested in the products of her emotional expression and will be realized by other functions, simply using the Fourth Emotion as a tool.

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