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Second Emotion - The Actor

A person with Second Emotion has the ability to show emotions as much as it is adequate to the setting: no more, no less. When adapting in accordance with the situation, the Second Emotion is able to almost instantly change its state. She is impeccable by nature and has mastered the technique of emotional transformation.

The undoubted advantage of the Second Emotion is her proficient utilization of speech. She can use this for both praise and criticism. In almost any situation, she knows how to find the right words to "hook" the audience. In this regard, the Second Emotion uses emotions as an instrument of influence. Both positive and negative.

The Second Emotion seeks to transmit emotional states with maximum accuracy, avoiding incorrect comparisons and hyperbolization. If the Second Emotion writes a letter or story, she will try to select the words to be as appropriate as possible to ensure that the intended effect is achieved. The Second Emotion is capable of impromptu associated with inherently emotional words. However, she will not be able to make an informed speech without preparation.

The Second Emotion is able to feel the mood of its audience and respond flexibly to it, always choosing the necessary formulations and psychological techniques to get across the way she intends. From the Second Emotion, good speakers are obtained. The strength and richness of the emotional system is a natural property of the Second Emotion. In addition, the Second Emotion seeks to constantly enrich its palette.

She sensitively captures all the shades of emotions that she hears, remembers them, and reproduces them later as necessary, receiving great pleasure from flexing her emotional muscles. In addition to emotional states, the Second Emotion collects tales, jokes, poems, and feast songs. It is characteristic of her to constantly process various kinds of artistic information. Developed Second Emotion is able to control a huge range of moods with which it is able to change other people, lead them from one state to another while following suit herself.

The Second Emotion itself does not necessarily experience all the feelings that she demonstrates, for she does this not for herself but for the public. To the Second Emotion, it is important to share emotions with other people. She likes to sing and dance for others, and she can specifically memorize poetry to read them later so that everyone gasps. Such a person always measures the interlocutor's response to all emotional expressions.

The Second Emotion takes care of the emotions of other people. Without the need to do so, she will not offend anyone, and if a person is unwell, then she has a natural desire to support and cheer him up. Always able to feel the emotional state of other people, the Second Emotion can even, to the detriment of itself, take care of them.

She often "forgets" about her own feelings in favor of other people's emotions. She does it completely without ulterior motives since it is a way of healing to her. Often, Second Emotion becomes the "soul of society," wherever it appears. It forms an emotional atmosphere, both joyful and sad.

The Second Emotion experiences a vital need in the process of love: to love and be loved and to know that this will always be. In the behavior of the Second Emotion, one can observe some mannership, artificiality, and sweetness. But in general, these are very charming people. The Second Function is the best side of the human person. In the case of the Second Emotion, the ability to emotional sympathy, acting, and owning the spoken word becomes the best side of this person.

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