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Fourth Logic - The Schoolboy

The Fourth Logic is not interested in spending her life on intellectual work and finding meaning. Truth is sincerely not important to her; the primary concern is that this aspect of life functions well enough to suffice. The breadth and wealth of mental activity from it can not be expected. Such a person will know as much as is required to realize his higher-ranking functions.

The Fourth Logic is characterized by clarity, simplicity, and conciseness of the presentation of thoughts. Such people have a very methodical mind that throws away all unnecessary things. If a person with the Fourth Logic does not understand any idea, he will simply forget about it so as not to overload.

The Fourth Logic speaks the same way as he thinks in short finished phrases. The speech of the Fourth Logic is pouring without difficulty but is often chaotic, tense, and inconsistent.

The Fourth Logic finds it difficult to think in abstract categories. When she does this, she feels as if she uses words that she does not understand. She usually tries to be as specific as possible.

Generally, the Fourth Logic is able to consider only a separate fact without its connection with other facts. Systems analysis is attempted by her with great strain.

The ideology of the Fourth Logic is usually little connected with her life. She can say anything - but she can't follow it at all. Here life is separate from thought. In this sense, it is better to view the reasoning of the Fourth Logic with great dubiety.

The Fourth Logic can think independently, but the inclusion of intelligence here occurs only at the moment of the need for choice, under the pressure of external circumstances. She will not unnecessarily strain the brain. Due to its effectiveness, it tries to go the shortest way, and where serious intellectual efforts are required, it is easier for her to trust the authority that she chooses for herself.

Any information coming from outside is absolutely unreliable to the Fourth Logic. It needs to be rechecked, and this can be achieved, from the point of view of the Fourth Logic, by collecting the opinions of people with a higher-standing Logic. Something she does with success is collecting advice before making an important decision.

The Fourth Logic believes what those who "understand" will tell her. She herself cannot play with novel theories.

The Fourth Logic may have its own system of worldview, but it is not fundamental for such a person. In order to avoid constructing her own perspective, the Fourth Logic may find it easier to accept an already ready system - religious, philosophical, vital. Moreover, of all theories, the Fourth Logic chooses the simplest and most understandable.

The Fourth Logic tends to identify with someone else's truth, but it may not last for long - as long as she is in contact with the person telling her a specific truth. Then, when another interlocutor is nearby, the Fourth Logic can also sincerely share his ideas.

The Fourth Logic is characterized by idle curiosity. She may be interested in a variety of things, read many books, and communicate with people of very different views. And everywhere she will be interested for a while, and all this she will perceive as her own.

The Fourth Logic can easily develop other people's views, take part in any conversations; it is not afraid of blows to Logic and even direct doubts about its mental abilities. Therefore, she is completely free in his expression.

The Fourth Logic does not press its opinion, even if it provides undeniable and very thoughtful evidence.

The Fourth Logic is the most tenacious. She can adapt to any regime, leader, spouse, or boss and will follow them, finding much reason in their arguments and sincerely agreeing with them.

One of the weaknesses of the Fourth Logic is the inability to function in stressful situations. In these cases, the ability to think is simply "disconnected", she is stunned by panic, and she cannot make an informed decision.

Even if the stress is not very strong, the ability to think in a person is blocked, and it begins to rely on its upper functions, and the ability to use Logic is left in subjugation to whoever is able to lead it at that moment.

The Fourth Logic does not mean the absence of the mind. On the contrary, people with the Fourth Logic can be very smart. The vast majority of the world's population possess the Fourth Logic. And among them are numerous people whom we deservedly consider great thinkers.

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