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First Physics - The Owner

The appearance of the First Physics is usually very noticeable: a beautiful face, an athletic body, high growth. These are powerful, strong people. True, some First Physicists may be indistinguishable from the Second, Third, and even Fourth. But for the most part, these are tall people with attractive faces.

The First Physics is especially attractive in youth: in girls, the figure approaches the ideal one: a thin waist, wide hips, large breasts, for young men a characteristic athletic addition: a narrow basin, broad shoulders, muscles in all necessary places. With age, the figure changes: the waist disappears, the muscles begin to swim in fat. This does not always happen with everyone: many First Physicists remain fit and impressively beautiful until old age, but the general trend is just that.

First Physics often has chubby lips, shaped as if created for kisses. They make artists and sculptors want to capture their physique in their works, and a great many such works come from time immemorial. On most paintings, you can see representatives of the First Physics.

The First Physics has physical energy, which seems to fill the space. They are there - and everyone admires them. And he admires himself.

The gait of the First Physics is usually smooth majestic, and it is characterized by the lazy grace of a person standing confidently on his feet. The First Physics moves in a picture as if flowing from one beautiful pose to another.

The First Physics is lazy and therefore static; it has no desire to make an unnecessary movement. A person with First Physics can sit for a long time without changing his posture. If you can stand or walk, he will certainly choose to stand.

Of all the sports, First Physics prefers the most static. Bodybuilding best reflects its natural desire to demonstrate abundant flesh.

First Physics has a slow reaction by nature, so it is very difficult for it to succeed in dynamic sports where it is necessary to predict the partner's reaction and the consequences of his actions. If the First Physics is engaged in martial arts, then it is attracted primarily not by the process of struggle but by the result.

Also, because of its effectiveness, the First Physics does not seek to have many children. One child is enough for her.

In case of conflict, the First desire of the First Physics is to give the offender in the eye. As a child, she realizes this desire quite openly, accustomed herself (not without difficulty) to restrain herself with age, but continues to live inside them (for example, clench your fists or beat the wall). Therefore, we can say that the First Physics belongs to the most criminogenic and dangerous category of citizens.

If the First Physics comes to power, then, with a high probability, terror begins in the country. It is always easier for First Physics to resolve the conflict by force than by any other means.

The First Physics wants to live somewhat better than the rest of its social group. And in this, she puts a lot of effort. But when she reaches the limit she has set for herself, she usually calms down and does not seek more.

The worldview of the First Physics is predominantly materialistic. Material enrichment is the main engine of its activity. Wherever she finds a place for herself - at the helm of power, or in the family - she will First try to satisfy her material interests: First her own, and then, possibly, others.

The First Physics with a great diet relates to money and is in no hurry to part with it. It can be either slightly stingy or very greedy. In any case, she will try not to miss his benefit.

The First Physics treats material things with respect and somewhere even with awe: she loves her home, her workplace, her company, her family, her things. All these concepts have a special meaning for her, little understood by other Physicists. She is attached to these concepts, cherishes them, and perceives them as very tangible and almost animated. She usually has a lot of beautiful and expensive things.

If the First Physics starts to reason, she usually talks about money, comfort, appearance, and food. Material interests prevail.

The First Physics organizes its world as it suits her. A proper sense of comfort is a higher value for her. And she is very unhappy when her comfort is broken. Comfort does not necessarily mean warmth or coziness. To them, this means something of its own. For some, this is a house that sparkles with cleanliness and polished gold accessories, and for others - an armchair and their favorite bathrobe.

The First Physics is ready to share her comfort with others - but only in a way with which she is comfortable. The internal concept of the First Physics: I gave - and it should be accepted by all others.

The First Physics loves comfort selflessly and selfishly. For comfort's sake, she accumulates a lot of expenses and works to pay for it. By her nature, she tends to enjoy instincts. She does not fight with them and does not understand why one ever would. She knows how to relax best, and her need for rest is not blocked by anything. She loves things that make life enjoyable, for example, massage, pool, cosmetologists. And sincerely does not understand why one would choose to live without pleasure.

The First Physics wants to eat something that is delicious, even if it is harmful. Therefore, it is difficult for her to deny herself pleasures, the primary of which tends to be food. Moreover, she prefers spicy, heavy, fatty food. Unfortunately, this often leads to overweight and related diseases.

The First Physics is absolutely alien to the asceticism that is inherent in most religions, and more often than others, it becomes an atheist due to its grounded and materialistic nature. If they go on a diet, it will certainly be a comfortable one. The First Physics categorically does not accept strict hunger strikes, and abstaining from sweets or alcohol is out of the question. And with great torment, she endures periods of forced abandonment of her favorite products, perceiving this almost as a tragedy.

The First Physics usually takes great care of its appearance and puts a lot of money and effort into it. It is especially important for her to impress the public. Their clothing choice is also usually very sound. The clothes are bold, but at the same time, rude, without exquisite. They can even be sloppy in a home environment: she is too sure that she is already "so good" and becomes too lazy to draw a comb through her hair. For the First Physics, her looks are not as important as how confident she feels in them.

The First Physics is a "sensory hippo." She often has completely no hearing or sense of rhythm. Even if by nature she is gifted with musical and dance abilities, she seeks to give preference to the most loud sounds and simple movements.

The First Physics does not distinguish between halftones and shades. Therefore, it is characteristic of her to go overboard with bright makeup, large, expensive decorations, tart spirits, open, tight-fitting outfits that bare and emphasize the flesh.

The First Physics likes pornographic pictures, and it usually does not hide them, nor does it hide its interest in a beautiful naked body, in an open sensuality, in the desire for sex.

The sensations that the First Physics wants to experience in sex are rather rude, and the movements are monotonous. But in such sex, there is a lot of naked sensuality, absolute adherence to instincts, frank enjoyment of the body. This pleasure is somewhat hindered by the fact that the First Physics has few erogenous zones, and in order to have fun, you have to have a rather rude and primitive effect on what is. Many women with the First Physics do not know what an orgasm is.

In sex, the First Physics strives for a quick result (orgasm), is indifferent to preludes, and pays little attention to what the partner feels. She either enjoys (and gives herself to this completely) or gives pleasure (and can do it tirelessly, with great care), but there is no exchange as such, no dialogue or coprocess.

The First Physics is prone to treason, which she likely does not consider treason. Since during sex, she remains out of contact with a partner, she cannot see treason as a betrayal of something jointly built, simply - there was one partner, the partner changed, and in both cases, she was on her own all along.

The First Physics does not experience physiological jealousy. She is not short of the knowledge that the partner is not faithful to her, but it is important to note that her "lover" is less significant than herself. For men with the First Physics, it is not shameful to use the services of prostitutes.

The First Physics is the most miserable victim of fast-moving time. Years do not add beauty and health to anyone, and for the First Physics, such blows on the most significant side of her personality are almost tragic. Time itself destroys the support on which this type rests, leading to a change in her worldview toward greater gloom and irritability.

In general, the life of the First Physics is lived through the material world, where money, expensive things, physical comfort, and pleasure have the most significant value. Here we are ready to share from the excess but primarily for our own benefit. Treason is not considered treason, and in any conflict, the fists immediately go into action, and instincts are enjoyed without guilt or reflection.

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